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Fair is Fair

And Funny! If you missed the whole flap, you can see the gist Here This guy is a total dick, and I can’t wait to see him on the unemployment line!

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For Dad

My Dad’s totally the black dude. He was bitching at me this summer because I wasn’t watering my outdoor plants enugh. Seriously watering is for INDOOR plants! Love ya, Dad!

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Hide Your Heat: For the Lay-Deez

Great Video: I think the key take-away is look at what you have for clothing and work your concealment options around it. From all my looking and reading, woman’s clothing SUCKS for conceal carry, and you need to put some … Continue reading

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The Bottom Line Pt. 2

Just saw this Gem: Using an undercover officer, they arranged to purchase cocaine from Santiago three times last fall and then arrested him. After a series of unsuccessful pretrial motions to dismiss the case or suppress evidence, where officers were … Continue reading

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The Bottom Line

So I’m watching the Mattapan Murders closely because in some points its an exception that will prove the rule (as a general rule Police don’t bother much with gang-land killings, and the people in the area don’t help the police … Continue reading

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Gun Control, It WORKS!

When you get rid of Guns you get rid of “Gun Death” One of the men charged in the beating death of a Victoria man in August 2009 testified Monday that the victim was being punished… Seems like this whole … Continue reading

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What Do Laws Do?

It seems that so many of the anti-rights advocates seem to preach that if guns were banned or restricted less violent crime would occur. (This is politely assuming that they are cold blooded asshole who only care about “Gun Death” … Continue reading

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For The Visual Learners

Bob takes firearms data and creates a visual chart great post, great idea. Linoge does some of the same thing Good work both of you!

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Them, and Reality

So we have this post by Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March. And for me, there is another obvious conclusion. The way to make sure that crime guns found in one state don’t come from … Continue reading

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There Ought to be a Law!

Today’s “Gun Death” really shows how effective laws can be! A 30-year-old Tulsa woman is the Payne County jail on a charge of first degree murder….Linda’s brother says he bought $750 worth of meth from Heather Gaddis before the family … Continue reading

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