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“Gun Death?” Witchhunt

In a land with strict gun control we have a land of peace and harmony, where people can put aside their differences…or not…. Townspeople in Bolivia lynched a couple for allegedly practicing witchcraft even though it is not a crime … Continue reading

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Cat Piano Mexican Standoff

Happened a few times, seems everybody has cat piano these days. Curious, listen to this week’s Vicious Circle

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Gun Death? Drunk Driver

People often say one can’t compare guns and cars. I agree, I rarely hear about somebody having an accident with a gun that mows down a crowd of people. Headed home after a night out in Dinkytown, a group of … Continue reading

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Drain the Swamp!

If you need any other reason to vote out every incumbent you see on the ballot on Tuesday This is a good one Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was convicted today in a federal court in Boston on charges that … Continue reading

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More Good News

So we met with the Wife’s epileptologist this morning and she was VERY impressed with the Wife’s recovery, also given all the data collected she doesn’t think its unreasonable that she might (MIGHT, nothing is 100%) make a full recovery … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Serial Killer

Now this is a VERY bizarre case! At a hearing that reduced victims’ relatives to tears, the lurid photos were shown one by one in court as Col. Russell Williams, 47, pleaded guilty to murdering two women, sexually assaulting two … Continue reading

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Play Me Out, Al!

LOVE this song!

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Incest In the Gun Control Crowd

So Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March has a post up about illegal and questionable sales at gun shows. Of course she’s not a fan of the truth, but I want to instead look at … Continue reading

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BB&Guns tonight, and Jay is going to co-host. They’re gonna talk about next week’s election and other political Jazz. Should be a good show….as if Breda can make a bad one!

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Not Getting It

How about a $1,000 reward for anyone who can find the words “the right to pack heat in a tavern” in the Constitution? Neat Game, Fatty! How about where’s “…the right for you to have a TV show”? Or “…The … Continue reading

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