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So It Begins

Rumors of Hillary Clinton to Step Down as Secretary of State No idea about the whole Bill Richardson thing (isn’t he under indictment?) but I’ve been Predicting the whole Clinton thing for a while now. The claim “To spend more … Continue reading

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I Don’t Facebook

But I do laugh at them! Oh and my wife shows me pictures of other people’s babies. So I guess its not all Farmville. 😀

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The DA Will Hang You!

Pet Peeve of mine. Hearing people say if you use X gun for self defense, or if you use X ammo, or modify your gun, and at some point you shoot somebody in self-defense the DA will hang you for … Continue reading

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“End of Life Care” and “Death Panels”

I do not like Obamacare, or its father, Romney Care. I don’t trust the government to deliver the mail on time, or protect people from terrorist attacks, nor do they do a very good job at keeping sidewalks in good … Continue reading

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Ooh Awesome!

Just found this video on youtube. What’s neat is its posted by The Armed Citizen and the video description says they’ll be launching again soon! Will be good to see them back!

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Why I cling to Rule #1

So we should all Know Col Cooper’s 4 rules of Gun Safety Of course rule #1 is by far the most controversial in so many way. First we have how to word it. is it “All Guns are always loaded” … Continue reading

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What if the Survival G33ks are Right.

Really amusing video. I also hadn’t thought about this. What if somebody brings mortars to your gun fight. Well first up, I have never heard of mortars being used outside of a war zone in the US. But it IS … Continue reading

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Ammo Geekery

Snowy day, so I’m drinking tea and watching videos on youtube. Saw this one and it got my gun geek smiling. I really dig bonded ammo, and that expansion is quite vigorous. I hate .380 auto mostly because its weak, … Continue reading

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Still Snowing

Looks like 3″ and rising this morning. Should stop around noon. I doubt we’ll get a legit foot, but there will be some big drifts out there as its the light powdery stuff. When I know I’ll be shoveling mountains … Continue reading

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I’m so glad when readers submit “Gun Death?” stories they often warn me when the story is a really grizzly one. this is one of those stories. For more than four months, a toddler battled for his life after being … Continue reading

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