FAL Win!

Yep it was the Gas Block. Turns out the longitudinal cut goes on the TOP face of the gas block. Also using the page I linked above it only took me about 5 rounds to get the gas regulator set to a good level, and given that I was using South African 7.62x51mm NATO ammo which is a little on the light side I suspect the setting I have (which as the page recommends is two clicks more of gas pressure than is necessary) this will likely be a near universal setting (tho it can be dialed in for other loads as needed)

The gun shoots well, I was surprised at how comfortable the recoil was, also tinkering in the armory I thought the stock trigger felt a bit heavy, but gun-in-hand it felt crisp and nice, we’ll see if I continue to feel that way.

Also the gun is quite accurate….but the sights are off. The rear sight block runs on a little ladder like the tangent sights on a lot of guns…but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to unlock them to adjust them. Any Help?

Oh and on a gunnie fun note, I talked with a few guys on the firing line. One was a relatively new shooter with an H&K USP Compact in .40 S&W. Not a bad gun, but my opinion of H&K and .40 S&W are unchanged. Another gentleman was practicing for his instructor’s test and he had with him a S&W 1911 Compact and that gun was a dream to shoot. 100% reliable (The guy said it only gave him issues for the first 150 rounds, which sounds like standard break-in) and the recoil didn’t feel too much worse than my Scandium Commander. Also those rough textured grips are ugly as sin, but they supply an aggressive grip that is still comfortable to hold. Don’t think I’ll be buying one as I conceal my 1911Sc just fine, and I’d rather spend my money getting this FAL tweaked just the way I want it.

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  1. c-90_ri says:

    http://www.alpharubicon.com/leo/fal.htm talks about the sights a little.

    http://www.ar15armory.com/manuals/fal762.pdf Manual for the FAL page 9 talks about zeroing.

    windage is set by screwing in/out the 2 screws on the rear sight. To move right loosen the left and tighten the right. once you get the deflection set tighten both screws up.

    elevation: move front sight up to lower the point of aim/hit. 1 click at 100yds is approx 1cm


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I drifted the sight over so it may be a bit closer (and I’m comfortable enough with it to tinker with it on the firing line) And I know I can crank up the font post a bit (tho I think I need a tool for that) The rear block is on a ladder that when I was buying the gun the dude at the shop went “Oh look you can adjust elevation that way” and it appears the gun is one click above the close range zero (and I have no place to shoot this gun beyond 200 yards…and I don’t know if I’d to paper groupings at that range with iron sights anyway) so if it was easy enugh for the guy at the shop to go “oh look!” That might be the better option, also might give me a better range adjustment in the field.

      Any ideas on that?

      Oh and for the kids at home my rear block looks like this

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