“Gun Violence” Response

So some might have noticed the troll in my last “Gun Death” post, maybe he’ll behave at the new place, but maybe Larry Potterfield’s truck will break down in my yard and he’ll excahnge a few cases of ammo for a hand changing a flat.

He seemed to belittle the whole idea, but what he didn’t notice, or was ignoring was the cases I list under this category contain NO guns on either side. This notion came to mind when I read this story

The most important of these men, to me, was my father. When I was a boy, he and my mother moved our family of six from the Terrace Village public housing projects in Pittsburgh’s Hill District to a predominantly white neighborhood. While many of our neighbors welcomed us, we were not welcomed by all. I recall a brick through the front window, and other incidents. But burned into my memory is the Sunday evening when my father was beaten with a tire iron on the street in front of our home, and in front of us, his four little children. Those three young white men were never caught.

When my father, with his surgically reconstructed eye socket and jaw, was released from the hospital, he did something he never once considered when we lived in the projects. He bought a gun.

Every evening after that, before going to bed, I and my siblings would go out onto the front porch to say goodnight to my father as he sat in his chair, shotgun across his lap, with its black barrel glistening under the porch light. I never once felt unsafe. I never once had trouble sleeping. My sense of security did not come from the Pittsburgh Police, or from the law. My sense of security came from my father, and his gun.

There were no more incidents, at least not any that I can recall, after my father exercised his Second Amendment right. It was his contribution to “non-violence” in our neighborhood.

An unarmed black man getting his head beaten in by a few white bigots with a very mundane tire iron.

We can only imagine the white boys would prefer the black family to live in, as some people might say “a black neighborhood where they sell dope on the street corner and where you see what must be crack houses.” or “a full-fledged ghetto” (for those who don’t recognize the quote, I’ll let you know that the quote is put there for irony and emphasis of bigotry), when the object of their ire decided not to get out of town, I suspect they wanted to give him a little more “incentive”.

But they didn’t. Why? Because the antis hadn’t won yet.

Claim I’m putting words in your mouth all you want, truth is truth, and those who hate freedom truly are disgusting.

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  1. maddmedic says:

    One wonders if he would have been armed that night he was beaten and he had defended himself.
    What would have been the end result?
    What would the antis have said had he defended himself?

  2. RuffRidr says:

    This story is a perfect example of why gun control advocates just don’t get it. In MikeB’s perfect world, the father in this story would have no access to guns because guns would be a rare instrument that only the most elite would have access to after jumping through numerous hoops. His and his family’s life would continue to be in danger, and his neighborhood would have been less safe as a result. But hey, gun violence is down! Nevermind that overall violent crime rates are the same or higher (as has been seen in the UK).

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well you’ll also note Mike’s dim view of black society in general. I suspect it would be a perfect world as the black would be driven out of the “White Neighborhood” and either into the “Dope Smoking Black Neighborhoods” or the “Ghetto”….or the cemetery. All the same to the bigots, they love diversity…just so long as it doesn’t live next door to them!

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