Obviously Compensating

Robb Allen is a funny guy, and when reading his latest post I took a quick look around the armory and too this picture:

Slightly NSFW

Clockwise from the top in a willy-nilly order we have a Video card and below it is a stick of RAM the came from some forgotten computer build, a 1911 Commander, a Damascus Knife with a stag handle, a Ka-Bar Pistol bayonet, a WD-40 pen, a Jenning J-22 that seems to be getting a lot of talk these days, and a novelty cow bell with stick.

Oh yeah in the middle? Well that’s the musical instrument I’m playing in Vicious Circle #58.

Yep Robb, that’s ALL your fault!!!

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  1. Dixie says:

    Well, I knew you were into music, but I never imagined you played the skin flute… (chuckle)

  2. Tarb says:

    Weerd, for the love of god never get yourself raided by the cops. THAT “junk on the bunk” picture would make headlines around the world, I guarantee it!

  3. Thomas says:

    I play pipes, you aren’t sposed to puffer up your cheeks like that though. Pipes are like portable pipe organs, although girls don’t think they are as cool as electric guitars…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s why Its funny!!!!

      FYI, my Fiance walked down the aisle to a piper, and I took my first little walk with my wife to a piper. Take that Electric Guitar!!!

  4. Ian Argent says:

    How to play the bagpipes:
    Step 1: Find the cat
    Step 2: Grasp the cat firmly underneath your left armpit
    Step 3: Bring the tail to your mouth
    Step 4: Bite down firmly

    (lest I be misunderstood, I’m pretty sure I could put together a playlist that was entirely bagpipes to take me through a day at work off what’s in my music folder)

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