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My Hog Is Safe

Just touched down in Florida, waiting to get off the plane. Just so happened they opened a second security line without the backscatter scanner. I was in the perv line, and I switched. Don’t touch my junk!

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Quote of the Day: Hand-Tip

The boycott is going to KILL me, but I shall be resolute! Look at this gem: If you had your way, would even the type of firearm Hinkley used be unavailable to the average gun owner? -Anon Anon-No -Joan Peterson … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Re-Run

Go re-read yesterday’s “Gun Death” story. OK now here’s today’s Investigators learned Marti-Guillen had been in an argument with a man in the parking lot prior to being beaten. I had to re-read the first story just to make sure … Continue reading

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Making Shit Up

So somebody over at Joan Peterson’s blog decided to derail the conversation a bit and talk about this peculiar story. Short summary, guy writes local paper and claims to be a Gunsmith, Army Officer, NRA member, and overall big-time gunny. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Somebody You Know

Those who use the metric “Gun Death” often use the discredited study that claims you are a jillion billion more times likely to kill somebody you know if you own a gun. Maybe we should ban guns? San Jose police … Continue reading

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Tricks and Traps

I see a lot of this from the Anti-Freedom types: Alcade- please don’t keep answering that question. It is a trick question designed to ‘get me” so I will not be answering it. It is impossible to answer anyway which … Continue reading

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TSA Blues

I gotta say I’m not a happy camper right now. I’m going down to Florida for a long weekend. I’m excited about warm weather, seeing family, and also getting a chance to meet with some bloggers. What is really taking … Continue reading

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How Its Done!

This is Dinner! Chili with beans, and cornbread that contains sugar. We do it that way because it tastes good. If you like it a different way YOU ARE WRONG, AND YOU WILL GO TO HELL WHEN YOU DIE!!! 😉 … Continue reading

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Shell Game: Culture

So Joan Peterson is back from the land of milk, honey, and gun control, and what does she say? “It is always good to come back home and sleep in your own bed after a trip.” But if Spain is … Continue reading

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Go Donald

I gotta love that Trump has the balls to stick to this. Look, let’s face it, Trump is an A-Typical Big-City Republican. He’s a fiscal conservative because he’s run businesses, but because he’s lived in the Urban Jungle his whole … Continue reading

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