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Magic Phones

So I’m getting my alergy shot right now and I noticed everybody in the waiting room is tinkering with one form of smart-phone or another. So I pulled out my own phone and blogged about it. How cool is that? … Continue reading

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Probably Illegal Here

I’m no expert in Massachusetts gun laws. Well because nobody is. Ask 5 different people about some minutia and you’ll get 5 different answers. I’m curious if the 12 shot cylender on this US Firearms 12/22 revolver counts as a … Continue reading

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@ Work

Both of us are in the office today. The Mrs. still isn’t feeling 100%, but she’s being a trooper. We meet with the doctor tomorrow. Again, thanks for all the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. Also you know who you are, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing

You don’t need to carry a gun during the day, because you’re safe from crime. A man is stabbed to death during daylight hours but he is spotting walking around a tobacco shop just before he fell to the ground … Continue reading

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Was just looking through my sitemeter and I found a link to this blog WOW, it’s essentially a pre-fab RSS reader of most of the major gun blogs I can think of. I’m pleased to see whoever compiled it felt … Continue reading

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How Gun Laws REALLY Work

I feel like Looking at the ugly underbelly of gun culture for a bit. I found this story from the an Anti-Gun twitter feed. Jose L. Alvelo, whose address was unavailable, was awaiting arraignment late Thursday in Reading Central Court … Continue reading

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Count the Lies

Joan Peterson proves she can’t think, all she can do is repeat lies and talking points. Once again, Robin, you are trying to compare apples to oranges. I am blogging about gun deaths and injuries. I recognize that there is … Continue reading

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So “Protest Easy Guns” put up this tweet. How Congress can empower the ATF And a link to this Editorial. THE GUN RIGHTS lobby has spent considerable time and energy in pursuit of one goal: crippling the Bureau of Alcohol, … Continue reading

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One More Day

The Mrs. and I called in sick from work. She was right on the bubble waking up. Decided to play it safe and have her stay home, and me to stay home just to watch over her. This is such … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Blood Trail

Blood makes an awful mess. When they arrived they found the body of Rhonda McCoy, 36, of Midway, in an abandoned trailer, the release said. Deputies then followed a blood trail to the home of Brian Daniel Hayslett, 28, of … Continue reading

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