Accidental “Gun Death?”

Sometimes I get a “Gun Death?” submission that doesn’t quite fit the bill. This one from Wallphone.

He sends me this editorial about Seattle area accidental shootings. One story is a Dad putting a loaded magazine into a gun he’s handling and accidentally shooting his son, and one is some young adults fucking around in a car with a gun and shooting an occupant. These are just straight-up dumb gun handling and violations of the four rules, the best way to stamp this out is education on proper handling of guns and respect for them. The middle story was some gangland thug of 17 shooting himself likely because he was carrying a loaded gun just stuffed in a pocket or waistband without a holster, and the key thing a holster does is hold the gun where it should be, and keep things from pulling the trigger.

The solution for this story is to put gang bangers in prison, and take away the gang’s bankroll by legalizing recreational drugs. Gun laws aren’t going to do shit when you have a 17 year old street thug “riding dirty”.

But what Wallphone knocked my socks off was his reaction to this line:

Gregory Roberts, executive director of Washington CeaseFire, articulates the obvious conclusion from all this: “Guns are dangerous.” There’s a saying, he says: “No one ever got accidentally killed cleaning a knife.”

Well Wallphone dropped these links in the email. A story of a child getting stabbed by a knife in a dishwasher. A Restaurant owner dying after slipping while sharpening a knife. A child running with a knife who falls and dies, and a woman who turned around and stabbed her brother while doing the dishes. (This last one sounds like the common story of a new shooter sweeping their teacher when they turn at the range to ask a question with the loaded gun in their hand)

I know I’ve seen several injuries from a dropped knife that landed on a foot or bounced into flesh. I’ve seen a TON of guns get “Drop Tested” and never have I seen a gun fire any other time but when somebody squeezed the trigger.

Say what you will about guns, but they’re loads safer than most things.

And thanks Wallphone for all the great research.

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  1. Roadkill says:

    Wow! No one ever has accidents with the most common potentially lethal tool in existence? Someone has been hitting those recreational drugs pretty damn hard.

  2. (This last one sounds like the common story of a new shooter sweeping their teacher when they turn at the range to ask a question with the loaded gun in their hand)

    That’s why Joe told me to always stand on the strong side of a new shooter. I mentioned it over at Jay’s yesterday. As they turn to talk to you you’re in the greater position of strength to control the weapon.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I do just that, and I spend most of my time watching the muzzle of the gun. You can see flinches, heeling, anticipation, and see when they’re getting tired and you can tell them to take a brake…and if that muzzle comes your way you can grab it before it swings too far.

      What I hate is “Where did that shot go?” or “How’s my grouping looking?” because frankly until they get over that beginner hurdle, I just care that they’re hitting the berm.

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