Modern Anti-Gun Websites

So a few years ago I went on a cruise out of Galveston Texas, and one evening I found myself in the little cigar bar off the fantail smoking cuban cigars and drinking scotch and talking with a bunch of guys. All the guys were from various parts of Texas, then it came out that I was from Mass. Quickly the subject turned to Politics (and specifically what an embarrassment Ted Kennedy was) and then the subject came to guns. Now the survey of the room ranged from people who carried and kept guns for home defense, to wish-washy guys who had guns but were luke-warm about guns being used for stuff other than poking holes in pape, ducks and deer. Note that EVERYBODY there had at least one gun. Heck I grew up in an anti-gun home, but Dad’s old boyscout rifle was tucked away in the basement rusting away.

Even Joan Peterson doesn’t shy away from the fact that there are guns in her house. Really with groups like the Brady Campaign and the Joyce foundation scrambling for relevance, and doing all they can to hide their agenda. You can see the days of openly calling to ban handguns and semi-auto rifles, or magazines of various sizes are gone.

Really the future of gun control starts with “I’m a gun owner but…” People calling for universal registration, or banning of private sales are getting laughed out of the room. Now the people who run the biggest threat to our rights are people like Robert Farago and Gun Mart vilifying rifles, or Rob Pincus (or Robert Farago) speaking out against how and where people carry are more willing to get the ear of the curious bystander, or politician drafting a law.

Maybe they’re just timid people, or self-promoting whores, but in their actions they’re no different than a false flag.

So why don’t you join me in giving these people the rightful title of “Modern Anti-Gun Websites”, they aren’t the past, they’re the FUTURE!

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  1. North says:

    “Gun Mart” sounds familiar. Wasn’t that the “Breda Porn” scandal?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s one and the same! I will ad that he was a huge jerk when called on stealing materiel and being generally in poor taste.

      He’s also now an unpaid advocate for the Joyce Foundation!

  2. Linoge says:

    Buying into “normalizing ‘assault weapons'” is just plain stupid.

    1. It is just as much a neologism and more of an “Orwellian language modification” than “modern sporting rifle” (which, arguably, is an accurate description of ARs, for certain meanings of “modern”).

    2. It gives legitimacy to the idiotic term to begin with. All weapons are assault weapons – they are intended to bodily assault people. All objects are weapons – provide me an object up to and including the proverbial banana peel, and I will show you a way to hurt someone with it. “Assault weapon” is nothing more than a piece of propaganda intended to make people think certain firearms are more dangerous than others, when, in reality, they are no different than any other semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle.

    3. As this situation shows, it gives legitimacy to “gun control” extremists who make a point of wielding that phrase like a limp noodle at every available opportunity.

    Rifles are rifles, period. Some are semi-automatic. Some are bolt-action. Some are lever-action. But all are rifles, and it is incumbent upon us to describe the objects we are talking about accurately. “Assault weapons” is not accurate – the government and various states cannot even agree what it means. “Modern sporting rifle” is still subject to interpretation. Just stick to the appropriate words, and pay no mind to the halfwitted morons knowingly giving succor to the enemy.

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