The Geek With Guns has a list of the Permit Reciprocity for Wisconsin .

Its a long list and NONE of my permits are on it.

Well shit!

Maybe with a little luck I won’t need to worry about it.

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  1. mike w. says:

    They honor UT non-res permits so I’m good. Not that I expect to be visiting WI anytime soon.

  2. bluesun says:

    Planning s vacation, Weer’d?

  3. docstrange says:

    Now why would they honor a PA license and not an NH one? The criteria are identical. Sounds like perhaps NH’s reciprocity people need to get on it.

  4. Dwight Brown says:

    Woo hoo woo hoo hoo!

    (And thanks for that link, Weer’d. Instapundit had a link, but that went to a blog I do not patronize or support.)

    (Does anyone know if there’s a Firefox extension that will block, or at least warn you, before going to a list of user-configurable sites?)

  5. Fred says:

    Unless they changed it and I somehow missed it, the talk was only permit holders with permits from their state of residence would be honored here.

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