Probably Illegal Here

I’m no expert in Massachusetts gun laws. Well because nobody is. Ask 5 different people about some minutia and you’ll get 5 different answers.

I’m curious if the 12 shot cylender on this US Firearms 12/22 revolver counts as a “Large Capacity feeding Device”. (Irrelevant as I doubt US Firearms will submit units for Massachusetts “Safety Testing”) Single-Action revolvers don’t interest me much so I’m not sure if the 10-shot Single Ten pictured above in the link is approved for Massachusetts sale, honestly just THINKING about working that ejector 10 times (let alone 12) makes my teeth grind. Most of the time if you hand me a single-action revolver, unless its a Schofield I’ll thank you for letting me shoot it, and hand the gun over with the empties still in the wheel.

Still I’d be interested if S&W wanted to make a Double-action in an N-Frame in .22 LR that holds 12 or more. I have a S&W 617, and its one of my favorite guns:

How stupid would it be if a 12 shot revolver (single or double) was illegal because it holds more than 10. Certainly the .22 pistols out there often hold only 10 in the box because 11 or 12 would be evil and bad.

BTW that 12 shot single looks like a GREAT gun for hunters or farmers who might need a little less gun for various things that need lead at high speed. I can imagine a hunter who might pop a few small critters while looking for bigger game, or using the .22 for a coup de grace on a downed animal, or a farmer who has pest critters around the farm.

Hell depending on your pest population you could load up your wheelie on Sunday and shoot prairie dogs, woodchucks, Coyotes and rats all week!

Also when target shooting more ammo in the wheel (or magazine) means you can get more repetitions of your shot before you need to break your concentration and reload.

And of course when it comes to a fancy new gun, what does “Need” have to do with anything?

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  1. Dwight Brown says:

    I’m a very mean and evil person, and I have no taste.

    That being said, there’s just something wrong, as I see it, with a revolver that holds more than five or six shots. Seven? Eight? Ten? Twelve? No, thanks. give me a six shot Model 17 (or, even better, a pre-model number K-22) and I’m happy. If I can’t hit what I’m aiming at with six shots, I need to practice more.

    What I’d really like to see is a .22/32 Kit Gun from S&W on the Scandium frame.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL I love that my revolver looks like the inside of a clown car. Vector has a 686+ that has a 7-holer wheel. Its a better revolver because [spinal tap voice] it’s one more [/spinal tap]

      He calls it “Lucky Seven” its a pretty slick wheelie.

      • Jennifer says:

        My N-frame .357 holds 8. Funny enough, out of the 6 revolvers in the house, only 2 of them are six-shooters. EvylRobot actually has a pair of 586’s that are 7 shooters.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I see no reason why the magic number needs to be six. Hell I’m packing a 5-shot .38 right now.

          Also there are older wheelies that didn’t hold 6. I may drop a post on that!

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