So first up, The wine I had with the last Vicious Circle went down surprisingly smooth, all things considered. Still the drunk it supplied me was very creepy. Giddy feelings of drunkenness punctuated with feelings of dread that the horrible shit was getting closer to my brain.

There indeed was a hangover, but nothing terrible, and I suspect the majority of the poor feelings was going to bed at 1am with a belly-full of hobo-wine, and not the effects of the wine itself…still I must say I have no cravings to to saddle up for a midnight ride on the Night Train. I’ll stick with 40s when I feel the need for abject scumbaggery.

The new computer is FINALLY running. I had some freaky Malware sneak onto the system within seconds of getting the system running that crippled it near 100%…nuke pave, and let’s try that again. Now it’s working fine. Also I stuffed the auxiliary hard drive with all the goodness from my last box, and its currently hooked up to a USB adapter and sitting on my desk transferring my old files. We’ll be about 90% functionality soon…and then we’ll SLOOOOOWLY get our way up to 100%

Until then I’ll be kinda distracted. TTYL!

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