Variations on a Theme

So we’ve all seen my daily carry gun:

That’s a S&W1911Sc which was there entry into the lightweight 1911s. This one is commander-sized meaning the barrel is 4.25″ and the grip is the size of a standard 1911. I’ve done a little work on this gun, but overall its functionally stock and I’m in love with it.

S&W still sells this gun, but under the name SW1911PD (Sc was for “Scandium”, which is part of the aluminum alloy in the frame, “PD” is for “Personal Defense”, tho the PD line all has Scandium frames) But S&W is still making a S&W1911Sc

That’s S&Ws new E series 1911Sc. So far they appear to be doing VERY well in product testing. This is essentially the performance center update of my gun with some modified and improved internal parts, and a bobbed frame.

The bobbed frame is ideal for people who carry their 1911 in a vertical belt holster, this makes the point of the grip print a LOT less against your cover garment.

I do love me some 1911s, but if John Browning were alive today would he even be taking his greatest creation seriously?

While I have never shot this gun I’m horribly impressed with it. Its a Kahr TP45 Both guns are lightweight, but rather than a lightweight alloy frame the Kahr uses polymer. They’re both single-stack .45s and the Kahr is only SLIGHTLY thicker than the 1911, and they’re probably pretty close, if not wider on the 1911 with the stock 1911 grips (my 1911Sc has Chip McCormick Slim Grips installed making the gun overall 0.91″ wide to the Kahr’s 1.01″. Is that one-tenth of an inch going to make a difference? Probably not. The Kahr is also a hair shorter, tho it only has 7 round magazines available rather than the extended 8 rounds that are commonplace for 1911s these days, as well as further extended magazines and beyond. Of course you’ll find 100 years of service with the 1911 there are a LOT more holsters and parts available for it.

Still what I really like about this unit is the Kahr trigger. A good 1911 will have one of the most crisp single-action triggers out there, but while that’s a must have for a target gun, for a carry and duty gun many prefer a double-action trigger, and when it comes to semi-auto DA triggers Kahr makes one of the best I’ve felt, its smooth, with a crisp break with a consistent pull from start to finish. It feels like a DA revolver which IMHO is how a DA trigger should feel. Also with a long DA trigger all the external safeties can be removed, gone is the grip safety, and gone is the thumb safety, all that is there is a partially charged striker, and a passive firing pin block to keep it drop safe.

Second because of the modern materials and simplicity of design the Kahr comes in at half the price of any comparable 1911.

Neat world we live in!

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8 Responses to Variations on a Theme

  1. Wally says:

    While I haven’t run the Kahr in 45, I do own the polymer 9mm version.

    As a long time hater of DA and striker fired semis, the Kahr was the gun that completely changed my religion. The P9 is reliable, easily concealable, comfortably carried, and it has a great trigger feel.

    Technology, and all that 🙂

  2. Jack says:

    I carry a Khar PM45 as a BUG and it’s great.

    I’m over 6ft tall and broad shouldered so it makes a dandy pocket gun.

    They really do have some of the best double action triggers.

    One problem I’ve found with the design is that those poly materials while cheaper and lighter do wear faster.

    I fear that my Kahr will not last though as much shooting as my 1911’s. However, that is a fear for years down the road.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      A PM45 is at the very top of my short list. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get my hands on one…tho with Massachusetts fucked-up gun laws there are a LOT of hoops to jump through.

  3. Chris says:

    The Kahr looks nice and I thought I was going to like it, but when I looked at them I found out they hate lefties! None of their pistols have ambi anything and there’s no option for it. 🙁

    • Jack says:

      I’m a lefty and I love my PM45.

      Ambi-what? They don’t have external safeties.

      And ambi mag release is pretty rare (My CZ 82 has it but I use the release “right handed” with my trigger finger) and ambi slide lock is unheard of.

      Occasionally mine puts the brass on my forehead because I’m left handed, but that’s about it.

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for the heads up Jack. I guess I missed the no external safeties part. Maybe I’ll look at them again, but I could just buy a Beretta PX4 that has ambi safeties, mag release and slide stop.

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