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We made awesome time. Only real traffic was in Northern Virginia. Took us just shy of 13 hours including breaks. Weather is nice, and we all slept well. Time to get our bearings and see the sites. I’ll keep you … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” British Self Defense

When guns are banned people can’t defend themselves with guns. With his six-foot spear in hand, medieval warrior Neil Ashton prepared for battle against the two attackers. They had attacked his base out-of-the-blue, and with no-one around to provide backup, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Road Rage

Remember when we legalize conceal carry people will kill each other over fender benders! The case of a Houston man who died after a post-fender-bender fight along the Gulf Freeway Monday will be referred to a grand jury, investigators said … Continue reading

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Hitting the Road

Vehicle loaded, nose pointed south….and I slept like crap last night. Too much shit on my mind. I might blog from the road, I might not. Hopefully it’ll be fair winds and following seas for the whole trip to Virginia.

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Blogmeet Hold

Old NFO has a nice memoriam up on Newbius. He hasn’t confirmed it, but it appears that the Memorial services have been scheduled for Wednesday as well. I just picked a random day, and it just doesn’t feel right. Sadly … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle doesn’t fuck around! That’ll leave a mark!

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Here’s an interview with George Zimmerman’s Dad. Some interesting data there. Still I’ll just note that George’s Dad’s name is “Robert”. I’m sad down in the dumps today about Newbius. So I’ll let you read the story and the information. … Continue reading

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A Proper Candle

Les is prone to making comical candle pictures for various topics. He just sent me one that is serious and apropriate for today’s sad news. Like Les, I knew you, Newbius, and I’m better for it. I’m also so sad … Continue reading

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So A Girl, and NFO are reporting that Newbius has passed on. I first met him at the NRA convention. I will never forget standing with him and Alan Gura, and getting totally lost listening to them discuss various federal … Continue reading

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More From the Zimmerman/Martin Shooting

There’s a Video out from the Police Station video platform video management video solutions video player The video is shit. Resolution is horrible, also ABC in their infinite wisdom decided to obscure the one important bit of their film with … Continue reading

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