A Quick Rebuttal

Against Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel said the group, many of whom recently joined the nationwide Mayors Against Illegal Guns in the wake of the Connecticut school massacre, was united in demanding new legislation banning assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines and calling for mandatory background checks on all gun purchases.

Emanuel wants clip counts capped at 10, and background checks to prevent what he called “straw purchases not from gun shops, but from the trunks of cars.”

There’s plenty of rebuttals against so-called “Assault Weapons” legislation, both here and everywhere else. I’ll hold my water for now on that one. Not only is “Assault Weapon” a slanderous made-up term, but it has become increasingly nebulous since the repeal of the ’94 ban, when it was a legally binding term. Right now “Assault Weapon” means “Any gun that we don’t like”, so I’ll wait for them to define their terms…either way it’ll be easy to rebut.

Of course we have “clip counts”…LOL, you mean when I bring my SKS to the range I can’t bring any more than 10 clips? But seriously, we’ve had 10-round magazine bans before. It didn’t work, and even if you remove grandfathered magazines, eliminating the massive stockpile we now have, we still need to note the reality that Virginia Tech was perpetrated with 10-round magazines, as were the mass shootings in Canada. Also while the facts aren’t out yet, it sounds like much of the shooting in Aurora was done with an 8-shot shotgun, but I could be wrong on that.

Also magazine capacity arguments are demanding trump-status to spree shooters, while ignoring the majority of all “Gun Death” in America, which is gang-on-gang violence, and is generally one or two individuals shot. I suspect some nice racist sensibilities are in this one, given that the people who are calling for crazy gun bans live in the suburbs, and generally can avoid the gangs and drug trade if they so wish…but spree shooters in “Gun Free Zones”, well those attacks effect rich white people!!

And of course the one that actually has the best chance of being fielded, private sales. Rahm makes my argument with his silly statement: “straw purchases not from gun shops, but from the trunks of cars.” Rahm of course isn’t saying that two lawful citizens selling a gun at the local gun club, or over a kitchen table is the big problem, he’s talking about the gangs in Chicago. Do they buy guns out of car trunks? Probably. They also sell drugs, and prostitutes. And they use the guns to murder.

Do you think gangs are LESS likely to illegally sell guns to fellow criminals here in Massachusetts where there is an extra penalty tacked on?

Further this system can be shut down at any time, and remember, your local gun shop has their FFL at the pleasure of the government.

Maybe background checks won’t be a big deal to you now…but what if your local shop or shops get their permits pulled for whatever reason the ATF decides?

I think we have the advantage in anything they try to bring to the table, we just need to be ready for it.

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4 Responses to A Quick Rebuttal

  1. Thirdpower says:

    Never mind the fact that Illinois has licensing already and to sell a gun to a non-card holder is a crime.
    Never mind the fact that Rahm is guarded 24/7 by taxpayer funded security using magazines over 10 rnds.

  2. McThag says:

    The elephant in the room about ending private sales is that you HAVE to have registration for it to even be conceivable that it will work.

    The state has to know that I have a gun to know that I’ve sold it without going through an FFL.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    What I think is funny is that Emanuel is ordering his City Lawyers to go after the Suburban Gun Shops OUTSIDE his Jurisdiction, and he plans on using Illegal “Straw Buyers” in his “Sting” to “Catch Them in the Act.”


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