And That’s Your Solution?

The Brady Campaign is pushing this video.

So this woman’s husband died in the line of duty. Sad and tragic. But are we REALLY talking about guns, and illegal gun sales. (I haven’t looked up the original story of the case because the obviously skewed and biased video is damning enough)?

We have a girlfriend buying a gun for a felon. I assume the straw buy was because the GF could have passed a background check.

A law wouldn’t have stopped this. Its already illegal!

A Nine-time Felon who was out on Parole who was armed and committing crimes.

A law wouldn’t have stopped this. Its already illegal!

A man engaged in a gun battle with police and committed murder!

A law wouldn’t have stopped this. Its already illegal!

Sorry Brady Bunch, I know you love blood dancing, but this is a problem with letting monsters walk among us (monsters you support)

Sorry Bradies, but not only is their blood on your dancin’ shoes, but that red stuff on your hands? Yeah, that’s what that is.

You should be ashamed, but you aren’t!

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  1. North says:

    I agree with the Brady Campaign. Sensible Gun Laws Save Lives.

    Stay the course.

  2. Archer says:

    Correction: Her husband did NOT die in the line of duty. He was shot and wounded badly enough that his law enforcement career ended. She said that they both were there at the event.

    Also, the gun was bought out of the trunk of Sumdood’s car. Depending on where they live, that may be another law broken in this series of unfortunate events.

    So, to sum up, we have:
    – Straw purchase: already illegal.
    – Undocumented “street” purchase: possibly already illegal.
    – Felon in possession of a firearm: already illegal.
    – Evading police: already illegal (violates parole).
    – Engaging in gun battle with anyone, including police: already illegal.
    – Attempted murder: already illegal.
    Not to mention the other felonies the goblin racked up to become a “nine-time felon.”

    We have all that, which I’m just sure one more law would have prevented. But what don’t we have? A “Gun Death.”

  3. Why was a 9 time felon even allowed out amoungst polite society? I have always been a sort of forgive and move on type. Anyone can screw up once. But 9 times? WTF are these people thinking? They want to disarm me, never anything worse than a speeding ticket and let the scum out on our streets to victimize anyone they please. I’m sorry her husband got shot, but here’s a clue lady, 9 TIME FELON.

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