Another Gun Control Sucess Story

School Shooting in France

A motorcycle gunman opened fire Monday in front of a Jewish school in the southwest French city of Toulouse, killing a father, his two sons and one other child, the prosecutor’s office said….It was the latest in a week of motorcycle shooting attacks in France. A gunman on a motorbike opened fire on three uniformed paratroopers at a bank machine Thursday in Montauban in southern France, killing two and critically wounding the other. Four days earlier, a gunman on a motorbike shot and killed another paratrooper in Toulouse, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) away.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said Monday it will investigate eventual terrorist links to Monday’s killing and the two killings of paratroopers last week. The prosecutor’s office, in a statement, did not indicate any evidence so far of any form of terrorism.

Remember, the anti-rights people promise that more gun control, like the laws in place in France will prevent tragic shootings like this.

Also I’d like all of our anti-rights advocates to tell the family of these people how low the “Gun Death” is in France. See if it consoles them.

Lastly there’s talk that this is a terrorist action. I’ll note that Israel used to have a problem with Terrorist Spree shootings. Their solution was to allow any Israeli who had completed their mandatory military service to carry a gun. It worked.

In America we also have a problem with Terrorist spree shooting in Gun Free Zones. Note that while Fort Hood was filled with trained soldiers, they were all unarmed, and the shooting was stopped by a Civilian police officer (I’ll note a woman, as Extremist Muslims like the Jihadi Doctor have contempt for women), due to the contempt and distrust our military administrators have for our brave men and women.

Be safe out there, and carry your damn guns. Also we need to work together to eliminate “Gun Free Zones”, as the only people they disarm are GOOD people.

**UPDATE** Police say the same gun was used in all of the crimes.

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  1. SGB says:

    When I was in Israel I felt safer than I do in Chicago or New York. For the reasons you indicated above.

  2. Bill Baldwin says:

    Apparently, France should outlaw motorcycles, too.

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