Another Gun Control Sucess Story

Anti-Rights shills constantly say that gun control laws work. Take this post by Joan Peterson of the Joyce Foundation and Brady Campaign.

Now compare it with this story from Bloomberg’s Own Heaven.

We have a Ruger 10-22 and ammo (not super sure about the NYC laws, but given that 10-22s are considered “Assault weapons” in many “Progressive” dumps), it was cut down making it an illegal Short Barreled rifle. That’s illegal Federally, and I bet you can’t own an SBR in NYC, so that’s a crime too. Carrying a gun around loaded in NYC is illegal without an elusive permit. He also had a “bloody knife”, We know NYC has horrible knife laws, and this blade probably broke one or many of them.

Of course as what sounds like an honest-to-goodness serial killer. we’re looking at Murder in the First, which is one of the highest crimes in this country.

Meanwhile outside this case there are many places in NYC that are simply unsafe to go after dark, or if your skin isn’t an apropreate color.

So we have on one hand restriction of freedom that does NOT make us safer…and on the other we have more freedom and more safety.

What would you choose?

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Never go to NY period…

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