Armed Teachers

This is a pretty interesting story:

Classroom teachers could stop school shootings by carrying concealed weapons, say gun-rights advocates who plan to offer the required training Thursday for 200 Utah teachers.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council said it would waive its $50 fee for concealed-weapons training for the teachers. Instruction featuring plastic guns is set to begin at noon Thursday inside a conference room at Maverick Center, a hockey arena in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley.

It’s an idea gaining traction in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting. In Ohio, the Buckeye Firearms Association said it was launching a test program in tactical firearms training for 24 teachers initially.

Now this is some reaction to the school shooting, but its nothing new.

Educators say Utah legislators left them with no choice but to accept some guns in schools. State law forbids schools, districts or college campuses from trying to impose their own gun restrictions.

Odd how we haven’t heard about any of this crap going down in Utah? Don’t the antis say that such laws make things MORE dangerous? Yet another “Blood in the Streets” prediction.

Now teachers aren’t cops, SWAT teams, or tactical ninjas, still I agree with this sentiment:

“We’re not suggesting that teachers roam the halls” for an armed intruder, said Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, the state’s leading gun lobby. “They should lock down the classroom. But a gun is one more option if the shooter” breaks into a classroom.

In think we all read the the accounts of the Sandy Hook principal rushing into the classroom to help her students. She was simply gunned down. It was a heroic act, but she was defenseless by law. The law is also the reason why this prick chose a school, lots of bodies packed into a small space, and no guns until the police arrive. Like all these shooters he died with ammo on him, but the police had shown up, so his moment to shine was over, and he took his life like the coward he was.

“It’s a terrible idea,” said Carol Lear, a chief lawyer for the Utah Office of Education, who argues teachers could be overpowered for their guns or misfire or cause an accidental shooting. “It’s a horrible, terrible, no-good, rotten idea.”

Yep, and all those predictions haven’t happened, and will continue not to happen. Anti-rights activists love to talk about worst case scenarios that never happen…while ignoring criminals who illegally acquired guns, broke dozens of laws, and have no qualms about committing wanton acts of murder cornering unarmed teachers who have nothing to do but wait for the police to show up.

In the case of Sandy Hook, the response time was 20 mins. Hey but let’s talk about what-if scenarios that haven’t happened, while ignoring events that happen with eerie similarity!

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  1. Just to clear up something – the 20 minute timeline was the initial timeline put up by CNN and this has since been cleared up with the release of the audio tapes. The initial 911 call came in at roughly 9:31 AM. The first Newtown officer was on scene at 9:40 with other officers on scene within a minute after that when they entered the school as a stack. The calls for ambulances went out about 9:44. So the repsonse time was roughly 10 minutes from the first 911 call – still an eternity. The Newtown Bee photographer was herself on site and taking pictures by 9:59 AM per her digital data on her camera.

    First responders dIt’s still bad down here. But thankfully the media is now gone though we still have pilgrims to Sandy Hook center with a daily 1/2 to 1 mile back up to get in and out of the Hook. :/own here are having a rough time – one of the entry officers was a hard bitten state trooper who is a tactical team member. His tac leader who I take krav maga with said he was covered in blood carrying dead kids out to the ambulances and others had to physically stop him to tell him they were gone and it was a crime scene now. He said he broke down and hasnt been to work since. A three year Newtown officer who responded resigned and others are also unable to work.

    Thankfully the media vultures are gone but the pilgrims to the Hook continue. We still have a 1/2 – 1 mile back up daily into the Hook. It’s getting old- we appreciate it but now its becoming uncomfortable. :/

  2. Tango says:

    There have been exactly 4 school shootings in Utah. 4 deaths. All suicides. 1 non-fatal injury of an innocent. Gun control works just fine for us. “Two hands, Mrs. Miller!”

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