Bill Gets His Deep Thoughts On

Wow, worth a watch!

and he talks about this. My head a little past the halfway point, and I still wonder if it isn’t just intellectual masturbation.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Science can’t make decisions for us, but it’s a good guide. We also have to remember what we value, a separate subject of enquiry.

    On the subject of dimensions, though, look up Jorge Luis Borges’s story, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” if you want to rattle your brain a bit.

  2. Jack says:

    Pair that with Whittle’s piece “The Train Set” on love of theory

    One of the big problems with science (or more specifically science fanboyism) is losing track of model versus reality.

    In the end all science is is a series of tools that are used to create and validate models that can predict phenomena seen in reality.

    Some get this backwards and feel that it is reality that must bow to their theory and that if it is not in their models then it must not exist.

    For one example take the Global Warmists who aren’t the slightest bit worried that their models fail to predict climate conditions and are unable to match existing conditions. You see, the theory, the cause, is more important than that.

    And this isn’t even getting into accuracy of inputs. When modeling errors always, always increase, and your results can never be more accurate than your least accurate input. And that’s before you get into the assumptions and how strict your verification is.

    As a thermals engineer, I find the accuracy claims by the climate “scientists” on their predictions to be a bad, bad joke.

    But hey, if the antis can disarm whole countries with their false data and scare tactics why can’t a bunch of scientists control whole economies?

  3. Ted N says:

    My brain melted a little during that second video. That’s some cool stuff.

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