Bill On Gun Control

Gotta love it when people bring the real Grown-Up conversation to the table

Don’t punish the innocents, and understand that the Ben Franklin quote was WRONG! Ben said “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Its a nice quote, but the truth is those who give up Liberty for Safety GET Neither.

We’ve made it illegal to purchase certain substances for the sake of safety, and we have violent drug cartels taking over whole countries, and violent gangs taking over our cities!

We’ve sacrificed our 4th Amendment rights for greater safety in airline travel….to an agency that hasn’t stopped one terrorist, or prevented one attack.

We’ve sacrificed freedom making “Gun Free Zones”…the very locations where these violent events are happening.

Even if you’re so bent that you wish to live in a prison for the promise you’re safe…you’ll note that even prisons aren’t safe.

When you attempt to sacrifice freedom for safety, you’re just sacrificing freeom…PERIOD. FULL STOP! END OF TRANSMISSION!

Hell there are even compelling arguments that you’re sacrificing freedom for LESS safety!

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4 Responses to Bill On Gun Control

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Hey, “What’s this WE Shit, White Man?” Keep in mind, the Election is over, and all this Gun Control Crap is being pushed by the Winners. For Crom’s Sake, BIDEN has the Chair of the New “Gun Safety Task Force?”

    Nope, I don’t think that the 52% of those Polled over the last few days who OPPOSE Gun Control are voting for Less Safety. But the Election Winners don’t give a Fuck. They’ll get something passed, despite the Republitard Majority in the House, because there are too damn many RINOS to prevent it.

    Elections have Consequences. And we are being Shafted by one of them.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The way guns are selling, and carry permit agencies are swamped I have my doubts that the 51% who voted (on a low-turnout election to boot) were voting with gun control in mind.

      Yeah many of them voted for gun-banners, but they did the same back in 2008.

      In all, I hope you’re wrong, Les.

  2. McThag says:

    I have an answer to the seeming convenient timing conspiracy theory.

    The anti’s are sitting there WAITING for something like this to happen so they can pounce on it.

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