Cherry Picker!

Thirdpower has a great post up on CSGV’s “Insurrectionist Timeline”, that seems to put a lot of weight on right-of-center groups, even to the point of glorifying minor things like Ted Nugent saying shocking things (Dude has Machine guns and kills his own food…if he was really a violent insurrectionist He’d have already ascended to God Emperor of America by now) and a Rand Paul graphic featuring a Garand that they claim is “pointed at the President” (Obviously guns go off by themselves, because as the Marine Corps chant goes, without the soldier the rifle is nothing)

But ignore the violent and racist behavior of the “Occupy” groups, and the vigilante violence of the Black Panther Party, and other left-wing racist groups. Same with Southern Poverty Law Center. Like the The National Organization for Women willing to look the other way with Bill Clinton’s rape of various women, these groups always value their political agenda over their claimed goals.

Further this is yet another example of Anti-Rights cherry picking. They pick a statement, that while isn’t true, they WANT to be true, in this case “Right Wing, Pro Gun People are Terrorists”, then they hunt down data that supports their claim, and ignore any data that doesn’t.

The same can be seen when they use the metric of “Gun Death”, where they ignore all other forms of death and violence. You see overall safety and prosperity isn’t a concern of them, all they care about is banning guns, and they’ll cook the numbers however they need to to make that look appealing.

Also again with “Civilized Nations Not At War”, or somehow claiming that guns cause suicide.

Yes the US has a TON of guns. We do! Yeah our criminals use guns. Yeah people killing themselves do favor firearms (but only about 50% of suicides every year are by guns…further those “Gun Suicides” account for more than half our “gun homicides”) but our Suicide rate isn’t terribly high per-capita. Further our violent crime rate isn’t that high, and violent crime with guns isn’t as high as many other countries that not only are most-definitely “first world”, but have horribly restrictive gun laws.

But hey, those countries don’t need to be counted…well because they fuck up their argument!

Same goes with the antis most-recent beating of the drum against Stand Your Ground. Just read this:

“‘Shoot-first’ laws have already cost too many lives. In Florida alone, deaths due to self-defense have tripled since the law was enacted. Federal money shouldn’t be spent supporting states with laws that endanger their own people,” said Reps. Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Keith Ellison of Minnesota

Catch that? People defending themselves legally from violent crime is a bad thing, as are laws that endanger the lives of violent predators. Yet another polarity flip, by calling the victim of violent crime the “attacker” and the violent criminal who thankfully was NOT successful at completing their deadly crime are framed as the “Victim”.

Yeah, they’re Pro-Criminal, because violent criminals help their agenda…while hurting everybody else. They have big hearts!

Another great example is the talk against background checks. You see criminals can buy guns without background checks when they aren’t mandated. Never a mention that criminals buy guns illegal without background checks where prohibited too, and no matter what its still illegal.

BTW everywhere in America you can buy crack and heroin without a background check too….yeah, don’t look at the man behind the curtain.

The core argument is that the Earth is not round, the sky is not blue, and water is indeed not wet! Anybody thinking otherwise is being silly! These “Truths” are “Common Sense”!

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  1. Jack says:

    Handy to see when more voilent criminals are being killed these folks blame those peasants that dare to think they can defend themselves from such noble brigands. Perish the thought of blamming the agressor; no the B&E man, the mugger, the rapist, and the murder should be able to ply their trade without feeling “endangered”.

    Remind me again why these clowns get to claim they’re the more compasionate and reality-based ones?

    Yeah, speaking of drug laws, sure people can get heroin or meth all they want, but don’t worry they’ll ban iodine and make you have to register your cold medicine.

    Congrats America, now you’re going to feel what it’s like to be a gun owner.

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  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Dude, there’s an Insurrectionist Timeline? WTF? Why didn’t I get the Memo? Oh, it’s because MY Guns aren’t KOOL enough! I see. Well, just you wait! I can do just as much Damage with an 8mm Mauser as anyone with a $1200 AR, AND I can do it a LOT Farther! Not send me the Memo……

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Les, buddy, you need to join the modern times and get a self loading rifle that holds more than 5 rounds… a Garand would be just the thing for you.

      And to assist you with upgrading into the 20th century, I would be happy to take that old kraut turnenzeboltundshutzen off of your hands…

  4. Tango says:


    Obviously guns go off by themselves, because as the Marine Corps chant goes, without the soldier the rifle is nothing

    Even with a SOLDIER, the rifle is nothing. With a MARINE, the rifle is everything.

  5. Rob Crawford says:

    They love thugs, because at their heart they are thugs.

  6. Archer says:

    My statistics teacher always said, “The numbers don’t lie, they just get misrepresented.”

    That said, you can make the US top any list you want. Just make the random sample base something like, “North American constitutional republics with bicameral legislatures.”

    Wait, the US is at the bottom of all those lists, too? And runs dead last for “Gun Death”?

    Hear that, antis? Among that sample base, we have the lowest “Gun Death” numbers in the world! 😉

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Mr. Khrushchev got Second Place, while Mr. Kennedy got Second-to-last place! 🙂

      Of course the mythical race between Kennedy and Khrushchev was accurate but misleading, as well as many of the “Gun Death” statistics. But a lot of these “Facts” are just downright false, which really adds to the hilarity.

      That’s the big reason why I run the “Gun Death?” Files here. Because while the anti-rights metric of “Gun Death” are actually true (The US has a fairly high “Gun Death” rate) the metric is bogus as very few people will choose to live in Scotland where there is a high chance of getting stabbed to death over Wyoming where there is a greater chance of being shot…but a much lower chance of getting murdered in any fashion. Wyoming has higher “Gun Death” than Scotland, but Wyoming is SAFER.

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