DGU Samurai Sword

Good thing he had a gun!

A man waving a samurai sword around at residents of a Jacksonville condominium complex was fatally shot early Saturday morning by a neighbor whose unit he tried to enter….Although it’s still early in the investigation, Mills said the homeowner who shot the man acted in self-defense and will not be charged.

Even a “Wall Hanger” sword can be a VERY deadly weapon. Also unless you’re closely inspecting one, and know your swords its damn near impossible to tell if you’re dealing with a razor sharp weapon, and just a moderately sharp piece of metal in the shape of a sword.

Of course with all the crowing about the Shooting of Travyon Martin shooting, the anti-rights people would like this man in jail…or possibly swinging from a lamp post for shooting an armed man with a history of mental illness and countless witnesses.

Of course the antis would also rather let the police handle this, possibly after somebody has been lethally hacked up with a sword. It wouldn’t be THAT big a deal, I mean it isn’t a “Gun Death”, right?

I’m glad the homeowner was proactive and nobody besides the aggressor was hurt.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    The sword doesn’t have to be sharp to cause lethal damage. Consider a piece of rebar or an iron pipe. Or look at an axe or wedge for splitting logs. Even a dull edge will cut if the blade is swung with enough force.

    On the Jacksonville site, one commentor argued that the homeowner should have gone inside and called the police. Uh huh, apparently someone can’t see the bit about “tried to enter.” In a situation like that, unless you’re Inigo Montoya, shooting the guy with the sword is justified. See “Indiana Jones” for instructions.

  2. Bleddyn says:

    I live about 10 miles away from where this happened. Thankfully our city is pretty good about respecting self defense rights. Just looking at the very few details released about this one and comparing it to the Martin shooting, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is way easier to believe self defense claims when you don’t set yourself up as the pursuer.

  3. Cargosquid says:

    Just wait until a certain sword wielding anti-gun bigot reads this one…..

  4. Instinct says:

    On the bright side, he gets a candle.

    • Alpheus says:

      And justly so, I might add. We should hold candle-light vigils for those who died, either directly or indirectly, due to someone’s problems with mental illness. Mental illness is a terrible thing, and we need to continue to search for treatments that will put an end to it.

      In the meantime, as saddened as I am by the death of a mentally ill person, I’m also glad that someone had a pistol to shoot him, when his illness caused him to put others in danger.

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