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Good job you fucking pederast! You’d go to prison and get “Special Treatment” by the general population if they did this outside an airport, or without their Blue SS Uniforms.

In the “Related” section I found this video that is really good:

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BTW she felt molested because she WAS molested.

To Date the TSA has found ZERO terrorist contraband, and stopped zero terrorists or their attacks. I would call these perverts and lowlifes “Useless”, except these bastards have cost us BILLIONS of dollars.

They are LESS than worthless. We need to disband them today, and threat charge them with the crimes they are knowingly committing!

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  1. Jake says:


    I have a difficult time understanding why anyone (outside of an emergency) would fly with a child these days, knowing the possibility that their child would be subject to that kind of fondling.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or be exposed to an undisclosed dose of radiation. They say its safe, but we have to take the word of these thieves and rapists, rather than confirming it with a skeptical 3rd party.

      That’s how we regulate our radioactive and hazardous equipment in the lab, not to mention our animal welfare.

      I’ll also note that the same people who claim the backscatter scanners are “Safe” are the same people who say the TSA is “Effective” at their jobs.

      • Erin Palette says:

        If you google for the various statistics & infographics, you will find that the odds of dying in a terrorist action aboard an airplane are somewhere in the range of 1 in 25 million (plus or minus 5 million, depends on sources.)

        The odds of contracting fatal cancer from a single radiation exposure from backscatter? Also 1:25,000,000.

        But here’s the real trick: the risk of getting cancer is cumulative with each exposure. So I posit to you that the TSA is *more* dangerous than the terrorists.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Interesting statistics!

          They aren’t finding dangers, and that’s because they simply can’t and won’t. The next terrorist attack will slip past them like all the other attacks because the TSA is simply looking for copy-cats of yesterday’s attacks rather than looking prospectively to potential threats.

          Further many of the attacks that have happened would NOT have been stopped by even current TSA.

          And look at the faces of the people being assaulted. Who exactly ARE the terrorists?

      • Jake says:

        I also expect that the “safe dosage” of radiation is lower for children than adults. Are these twits basing their assessment of “safe” on adult limits, or are is the amount below the maximums for children?

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Well given that the data is all classified by Homeland Security, and no 3rd Party testing is allowed, I wonder if some pointy head got the machine to work, and was allowed to simply say “Yeah this is safe”, and called it good.

          I doubt OSHA was ever even consulted in the making and implementing of these machines. I have zero confidence its even safe for 300lb adult male, let alone a 40lb child still in their childhood growth spurt.

          I also have my doubts that the Blueshirts aren’t being nuked themselves like the engineers in K-19: The Widowmaker, but those people are committing countless felonies a day. It would be nice if they were to get a fair trial before they were executed, but this is a close second.

  2. snowdog says:

    and my highly liberal inlaws wonder why we turned down their offer for a free honeymoon trip to Europe-because we’d have to go through this, plus the fun of customs and immigration when we got back. We’ll go to Colorado instead, we can drive there with no hassles.

  3. Trish says:

    I’ve successfully avoided flying for over a year now. It’s a bit of a nuisance at times. We’ve driven straight through from Indiana to New Mexico (and back again) a few times, which is a long haul. But, it’s better than having my freedoms stripped away at the airport.

    I heard someone just the other day bash those of us who have chosen to take a stand against the TSA. We’re “un-American” for not believing in these safety measures. I told her, as soon as there’s proof they’re actually keeping us safe, then we can talk. And I hope she never has to see her two small kids go through what this poor kid did.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Anybody with the pure stupidity claiming we should support the TSA and their felonious tomfoolery should be required to first paraphrase the 4th Amendment (we don’t need to be pedantic and require the EXACT wording), and then be forced to cite all the terrorist plots thwarted, and all terrorists arrested by TSA Agents.

      Anybody who isn’t calling for the TSA to be disbanded and charges filed IS Anti-American, and unlike the other way around I can cite facts.

  4. BobG says:

    Put the TSA down on the Mexican-American border; they might be able to do something useful there.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      At worse the Drug Mules might object to getting their nuts cupped by a High School dropout who was recently fired from Arby’s for stealing and sexual harassment, or joined the TSA because most retail chain stores don’t hire people on the Pedophile Watch List.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Haven’t Flown since Sept., 2001, won’t Fly if I can Help it, and I’ve turned down 4 Vacations with my Wife and In-Laws because we’d have to Fly. She’s willing to go through the Hassles of dealing with Incompetent Amateurs, I won’t. Spent WAY too much Time getting Trained and Qualified to hold Various Guard/Sentry Positions in the NAVY to deal with Idiots who Failed the Postman Tests!

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