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I’ve always been one who argues that women are NOT discriminated against in the workplace and that there isn’t really a wage gap.

Yep the differences observed between men and women is simply the cultural, and biological differences (namely that women have children, and across all cultures generally care for them)

Makes sense.

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  1. Jack says:


    That reminds me of Simpson’s Paradox. Where a combination of groups can yield a correlation that is contrary to that of each group.

    Especially in how poor/sloppy math can lead to some “convenient” conclusions.

    Among the examples: Berkeley gender bias case and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  2. Silverevilchao says:

    I originally had a knee-jerk negative reaction when I first saw the topic of this post, but the video makes a lot of sense. I was worried that it would advocate wage differences based on assumptions, like I have seen in a previous argument that fries my bacon – that women are paid less because employers see fit to anticipate maternity leave or the like (which makes me mad because I never want kids – so why should I be paid less in that case?). But the different fields and different kinds of work and such make a lot of nice, logical sense. 🙂 And I LIKE nice, logical sense.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah its not that “Women get paid less because of Maternity leave” but “Women get paid less because enough of them make sacrifices to be the best mother rather than have the best career, while the same percentage of men will sacrifice being the best fathers for having the best career that it twists the average up.”

      My wife makes a LOT more than I do. She’s more career oriented than me, also she hasn’t done the drastic career changes I have. I would be surprised if she didn’t average HIGHER than men of the same age/education/career. While I’m certainly lower.

      The moral of the story is “life gets in the way” and when you combine everybody’s life in a place you get “Society”.

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