Good News From Canada

Used to be repealing stupid gun laws was just an American thing.

It’s done. After years of repeated attempts, near successes and disappointing letdowns, the federal long-gun registry has finally landed in the dust-bin of history.

As a Canadian, an Albertan, and the representative of a federal constituency that overwhelmingly opposed the former Liberal government’s imposition of the registry on law-abiding firearms owners, it was deeply satisfying to vote on Feb. 15 in favour of ending the long-gun registry. By law, the data collected over the years on owners of non-restricted firearms will be destroyed.

The long-gun registry was ill-conceived from the outset. Under the guise of urban gun control, the Liberals’ registry really only served to penalize ranchers and farmers who required and responsibly used firearms as a tool to do their jobs. Most violent gun crime in Canada does not involve long guns. And in those cases where long guns were used in violent crime, the vast majority of the firearms were unregistered. The registry forced law-abiding citizens to spend time and money to comply with rules that criminals would not follow.

As I said during debate on this legislation, the fact that criminals will not register their firearms goes to the heart of why the long-gun registry has never worked:

When people get a taste of Freedom after finding out they’ve been lied to, they tend to want more.

Keep fighting Canada!

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  2. Jack says:

    They’ll need it.

    Canada’s one of those “Sporting” Countries.

    Carry Permits are between NJ and Hawaii in terms of rareness, and their “Safe Storage Laws” make it so anyone that defends himself at home can be charged with violating that.

    On the upside they are pushing the “guns are tools” idea, but without having self defense as an option they’re hamstrung.

  3. It’s that anti-self defense idea that we need to make absolutely sure never gets a foothold in the USA. With stories of people being charged with serious crimes just for picking up a chair, bat, or other improvised weapon and defending their lives from violent criminals with real weapons coming from England and other places. We need to make sure that idea isn’t imported.

    Look, while we may contend that it couldn’t happen here because the right to self defense is codified into the 2A, we have seen how hostile to that right nearly half of SCOTUS is. Loose even one conservative on the court (and gain a progressive) and we could very well see the right to self defense destroyed with a single really bad decision. We may be winning right now, but we know how quickly the tables can turn. With positive numbers right now, it looks like we’ll have Obama for another 4 years unless the Republicans get their crap together, so losing that one conservative is a very real danger.


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