Good Safety Video

We’ve talked about it before, but its a good video!

When I first started shooting I thought the grip where your weak hand loops around the front of the trigger guard was a good grip. Heck there are a ton of guns where they knurl the front of the trigger guard, and/or add a finger rest for JUST this kind of shooting. Turns out I shoot better with my support hand wrapped over my strong hand with my knuckles pointed down range.

Still while qualifying to shoot at my gun club I took this grip…first with a S&W22A target pistol…then with a S&W M17 revolver. Thankfully the M17 is just a .22, and all I got was a nasty scorch mark on my finger, and a little pain. .38 Special, and certainly .357 Magnum or higher would have done some serious damage! Bigger Revolvers can cause Amputation! (GRAPHIC WARNING!)

Its one of those things that veteran shooters don’t really worry about, but when teaching new shooters you always need to keep an eye out. BTW another thing to look out for is crossing thumbs behind the slide of a semi-auto. That can get bloody even in small guns!

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  1. Lissa says:

    I’ve never been slide-bitten, but I just don’t like revolvers very much. Maybe it’s an unconscious fear of getting scorched?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or it could be that guns aren’t one-size-fits all. I like revolvers mechanically, for training, and for their ability to shoot some crazy powerful loads without crossing into the realm of Desert Eagles.

      That being said all my carry and go-to guns are semi-auto. They just make more sense to me, and I know lots of other people who love their wheel guns for the same reason.

  2. This is why I marvel at folks who rave on and on about the danger of ported barrels in close retention shooting, and then blithely ignore the cylinder gap of revolvers.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      A lot of people say a lot of things that don’t make a ton of sense.

      Now I haven’t done the ninja-shoothouse drills where they shut off the light in an indoor pistol range and you shoot only by the light of your weapon light ect.

      I HAVE been in a sand pit or gun club with high berms at sunset. No I didn’t need a flashlight to find my way back to my car….but I did need one to find the key hole in my door lock. And even the muzzle flash of a Mosin nagnat M44, which is well known for its dazzling flash didn’t instantly render me blind, nor the gap on a .357 Magnum.

      Yeah you can see the flashes REALLY well, but man I personally think we can put the “After your first shot in low-light with a ported barrel you’ll be worthless” thing to bed.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    The Mythbusters did a segment on this. They rigged up a bone and chicken meat fake hand to hold a .44 Magnum. As you’d expect, the blast severed the “fingers.”

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