Good Video and Rebuttal

Now to use Bill’s own words, I’ll add that the reality is that Barack Obama will Carry Massachusetts today. There are lots of other non-battle-ground state where a surprise will NOT happen. A vote for Romney here (or a vote for Romney in say, Texas) won’t amount to much. Meanwhile a vote for Gary Johnson very well may change the field of future elections if he makes 5%.

Also while Paul Ryan, or Sarah Palin before him, add a nice polish on the RINO Turd, Vice Presidents don’t do jack crap, so a good veep pick is nothing short of a gesture.

Also Bill talks about future elections. I’ll save my talking points on this for after the results are in, but we must look at how the parties run when they’re leading and trailing in the nation. Is Bill forgetting George W Bush? Is he forgetting Ronald Reagan? Hell is he forgetting the 2010 mid-term election? Look at how the various parties run when they’re ahead!

One of my thoughts on President Romney, is that his victory will be considered a success for big-government RINOS rather than the failure of “Progressives”.

Still I’ll close with a message in the battle-ground states. Your vote DOES count, so Bill’s points are valid for you. For all others, think of what I said.

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  1. Lazy Bike Commuter says:

    If I still lined I’m Kentucky I would probably vote Johnson. Since this id Ohio c.f. I am going to hold my nose and vote Romney. Also I get to vote against Sherrod Brown, so that’s a bonus.

  2. Bob S. says:

    I’ll argue the point to vote for Romney — the popular vote. The “perception” is that Gore lost the election by 537 votes in Florida — far from the truth but many people still cling to it.

    By making the election not even close in solid states, we can show that the majority of Americans didn’t want another 4 years of Obama. Many may not want 4 years of Obama Lite but it is better then unrestrained by future election Obama.

    Trying to get Libertarians on the big tickets before having a solid base of local, county and state people elected doesn’t make sense. There would be little for people to connect to. Everyone knows a Dem or Rep but how many would actually recognize a local office holder as a Lib? Not many. Until people do and learn that the Libertarians make sense, few are going to make it to national level.

    So, I voted for Romney at the national level and Libertarians on the local. Makes sense to me at least.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      This. Getting in a good, grassroots base in local and state politics is a better way to go than to be a wasted protest vote at the top. If they can get in the local guys, and then build a record of success with a city here and a county there, then the Libertarians can start working their way up.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        There is a lot to say about local elections having the most power.

        I’ll be excited to see if a gay Republican who was endorsed by Reason Magazine will become my congressman.

        Would have been nice if Scott Brown was telling the truth when he ran in 2010.

  3. Jack says:

    “One of my thoughts on President Romney, is that his victory will be considered a success for big-government RINOS rather than the failure of “Progressives”. ”

    On the other hand. A loss by Romney would be considered a need to pull the GOP even further leftward. “Gee both Romney and McCain were too radical to the right, we need a Republican who’s even closer to the Tedd Kennedy ideal.”

    Other than that, I agree with the “tactical” voting idea.

  4. Archer says:

    Our state became a last-minute “battleground” state, so our votes suddenly matter, or something.

    The interesting (and HIGHLY frustrating) thing is that most of the state is politically reddish-purple with a few spots of bright red, but one county holds 20% of the state population, and is solid dark blue. It’s also the last to be counted in any election, so we get the joy and hope of watching the count lean 3-5% conservative, then move quickly liberal as this county gets added.

    I’m hoping people will be sick enough of “Hope and Change” and all the “Occupy” crap, and cast their votes accordingly.

    • Geodkyt says:

      Well, they HAVE to count it last — how else would they know how many fraudulent votes they need to manufacture?

      • Archer says:

        LOL! Let’s see how this adds up: large-ish metropolitan area, plus MAIG mayor and the most restrictive laws in the state, plus solid Occupy presence … carry the three … comes out to …

        Solid candidate for a “Recount, and include these crates of ballots we just found, which seem to be all [‘Progressive’ candidate] votes” situation. Oh, and we (as a state) are also 100% absentee voters! No ID required! Yay!

  5. McThag says:

    I said it after both the 2006 and 2008 elections. What we saw was a rejection of RINO that, because of the way the Republican party locked out the primary process, handed the keys to the Dems.

    The problem is that the Dems took it as an endorsement of their position and fucking RAN with it. It really energized them.

    We can see that with McCain and then Romney that the Republican party is still not getting it about the RINO thing. SIGH. Maybe in 2016…

  6. HSR47 says:

    “One of my thoughts on President Romney, is that his victory will be considered a success for big-government RINOS rather than the failure of “Progressives”.”

    I’m still holding out hope that Romney will act as a second coming of Reagan. Both were governors of extremely left-wing states and both had spotty (at best) records on gun rights.

    Let’s not forget that it was Reagan that made federal facilities gun-free zones, and closed the mg registry.

    That said, he was good on the economy, which was exactly what we needed after four years of Carter.

    RKBA is just an expensive hobby I can’t afford if I don’t have a job….

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