“Gun Death” Acid

Warning don’t click this link.

A mother whose face was hideously deformed by acid sprayed by her married lover appeared in court today and accused him of ‘turning me into a monster’.

Speaking on the first day of Richard Remes’s trial for attempted murder in Belgium, Patricia Lefranc said she was ‘determined to look him in the eye and show the jury what he has done to me’.

The 48-year-old, who underwent 86 operations following the attack, added: ‘I hope to convince the court that he did indeed want to murder me.’

There are pictures behind the link and they are BRUTAL.

BTW for those who think you can’t get sulfuric acid. You just need to pop open your car battery. Those are “Lead Acid Batteries”, and the acid is sulfuric. Obviously we need to mandate the much more expensive, and more more likely to explode, Lithium batteries. Its only “Common Sense”

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  1. chiefjaybob says:

    As of January 1st, it is now not possible to buy drain cleaner off-the-shelf in Illinois. You have to present ID and fill out a government form to buy Draino, because of this very problem. I thank God every day for our brave state legislators, who pass bold laws like this to protect me from the mad acid-spewers. It happens with such frequency. If not for laws like these, the sick-minded acid-throwers could just go in and buy acid right off the shelf! There would be mass-burnings! Blood in the streets! Burning over parking spaces! I feel safer already.

    By the way, the state is still broke and the state pension plans are BILLIONS of dollars underfunded. But we are safe from drain cleaner attacks.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I believe the Drain cleaner bullshit is actually because its useful for people to cook Crystal Meth.

      And just like with the decongestant bullshit we’ve been suffering through for years, Hillbilly Heroin will still be in glorious abundance and our noses will be as stopped up as our drains.

      They say we Lost the Vietnam War without losing a single battle. Meanwhile it seems our elected officials as well as our literally countless appointed Czars and Law Enforcement administrators think we’re going to win the War on Drugs without WINNING a single battle.

      • chiefjaybob says:

        You might be right, Weer’d, but the law in Illinois was in almost direct response to this story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,393322,00.html.

        “Esperanza Medina, 48, is in serious condition with burns over a quarter of her body after police said she was attacked on her way to work by two women with a caustic substance at around 6:45 a.m. on Monday, the Chicago Tribune reports.”

        I think there were a couple others. The law could be a reaction to both the meth deal and these attacks. Either way, I hate it here…..

  2. eh, she wasn’t that hot anyway.

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