“Gun Death” Brutal Beast

It takes a monster to scare other monsters:

Some inmates who served time with Thomas J. Fox were so disturbed by his words and demeanor that they broke a jailhouse taboo on snitching and helped finger him in the brutal killing of an Oakdale nanny, police say.

The longtime criminal was in court Friday after being indicted by a Washington County grand jury in the fatal stabbing and robbery of Lori Christine Baker as she tried to break up with him last December.

The state’s key witnesses include some who served time with Fox, 44, of St. Paul, who was a fugitive when he first met Baker and began dating her — all the while using a fake name, according to one ex-convict who met Fox in prison.

Its not the tool, its the man who commits the crime. Really says a lot that other inmates were freaked out by this guy. Doesn’t matter if a beast like this has an AK-47, or a philips head screwdriver, they have the desire to kill, and they will accomplish this.

For those of us without this thirst for blood, carry your damn gun!

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