“Gun Death” Counselor

I thought this deserved a separate spot on the “Gun Death?” Files:

A suspected drunken motorist accused of driving more than two miles with a dying man on her hood was a former addict who seemingly had turned her life around and was a respected drug and alcohol counselor, her boss said.

We were discussing over Thanksgiving dinner about how many Therapists and counselors we knew suffered from many of the problems they help treat. Honestly I don’t judge on that, or cast any wide nets. There are many cancer activists who are survivors or who have lost loved ones, many sexual abuse advocates who were sexually abused. Hell I became a hardcore gun-rights advocate when I went through the process of buying my first gun in Massachusetts and discovered how convoluted the laws against me were.

Still in this case the counselor didn’t have it under control, and a man is dead.

Hey but no gun, right? No “Gun Death”.

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