“Gun Death” Dog Mauling

Another “Gun Death”

A newborn boy died Monday night after being mauled by the family pit bull while police were responding to a domestic violence call at the home, MyFoxDFW.com reported….Three-month-old Rayden Bruce’s grandfather was holding the infant while the parents argued. Police were called after the argument escalated into pushing. When police arrived, one officer took the mother’s statement outside while another spoke to the father inside.

The baby had fallen asleep in the grandfather’s arms, so he went to put the sleeping baby on the bed and came back to talk to his son, police said. A short while later, the grandfather heard noises from the bedroom and went to investigate. That’s when he found the dog had attacked the child.

Man look at that, we have domestic violence, police on scene, and “Gun death”. Now some may blame the breed of the dog, I really don’t go so far. Yeah Pits are fighting dogs, so its in their blood, still any dog can attack, and any medium to large dogs can kill an infant or small child, and larger medium breeds, and large breeds can kill a grown adult.

Still who wants to bet Momma and Baby-Daddy fighting got the dog all riled up?

Sad story. Sadder still that there are people so cold they couldn’t care because they can’t use it to further their agenda!

h/t Bob

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Dog Mauling

  1. McThag says:

    Just as sad as those who ARE going to use it to further their agenda.

  2. Geodkyt says:

    I’ll prety much guarantee that the family squabble got the dog all verklempt.

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