“Gun Death” Gas

My house is heated with Gas, and gas stoves are the ONLY way to cook. Still don’t we need “Common Sense” gas control?

A roaring explosion that leveled two homes and set two others ablaze in a huge fire forced about 200 people from an Indianapolis neighborhood where two people were killed, authorities said Sunday. The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and inflicted other damage on at least 14 other homes.

Four people were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after the explosion and fire, the Indianapolis Fire Department said in a statement. Fire Lt. Bonnie Hensley said firefighters put out the flames and then went through the rubble and damaged homes one at a time in case people had been left behind. Two bodies have been recovered.

More people were killed and harmed than most of the “Mass Shootings” those who use “Gun Death” like to glorify….but they won’t talk about this. Why? Only “Gun Death” counts!

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  1. Just like I’d like to have more of those horribly dangerous guns, I’d love to have a gas range. I can cook on electric but gas is for serious. Guess I like living dangerously.

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