“Gun Death” Monster

Its almost like its the person, not the tool:

An Auburn father accused of breaking his 2 ½-month-old daughter’s skull is behind bars and facing a child abuse charge.

King County prosecutors contend Robert Stephen Meador choked and threw the infant girl on Oct. 19 after the girl began crying. Prosecutors note the girl nearly died in the attack – she was resuscitated by her step-grandfather after sustaining a fractured skull, a bleeding brain and injuries to her body.

Bare hands! No weapons, and the target of his crime was an infant! He also has a conviction for killing a cat with his bare hands as well.

Who’s dangerous? Me with my safe full of guns, and my pistol at my side, or this guy with nothing but what he was born with? If you use the metric “Gun Death”, the answer would be me…or you!

A violent, but unarmed criminal is nothing to be concerned about! Only “Gun Death” counts!

h/t Barron

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Monster

  1. Guav says:

    I think animals like that should be put down.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Gah, they’ll take care of him in jail…

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