“Gun Death” Stabbing

Since they’re working so hard banning guns, we don’t hear much about “Knife Death”.

A Groton man assaulted with a knife in an incident Sunday in Lansing has died of his injuries, according to the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office….The case against Dana Houghtling, 40, of West Groton Road, Groton, has now become a homicide case, said Tompkins County District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson. The district attorney’s office will seek an indictment through the grand jury on Thursday, she said. Wilkinson said she doesn’t expect the grand jury to take longer than a week to make a decision.

“This crime appears to have grown out of a domestic incident and there were two altercations between the victim and the defendant in the course of the evening of April 15,” she said. “The second altercation is the one in which the victim received the wounds that killed him.”

That and “Progressives” have all sorts of fancy knives in their kitchens. They only want to ban rights they DON’T use.

h/t Zercool

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