“Gun Death” Suffocation


A neighbor found their bodies a week ago.

Gladys Del Carmen Sierra, 29, had been stuffed into a closet in her Miami home with her two daughters, aged 4 and 6. They’d all been suffocated to death….He locked the girls in a bedroom while he suffocated his wife with a plastic bag and then sexually assaulted her, police said.

He let one daughter out of the bedroom, police said, and suffocated her with a plastic bag; then found the other daughter and did the same while she slept. Police said he then sexually assaulted the first girl.

Their bodies then sat in the closet long enough that a smell drew the attention of a neighbor, police said.

What a monster! What a horrible story! Why would we talk about “Gun Death” as if somehow if he had SHOT his family it would be worse? Why would we talk about rates of “Gun Death”, as if MORE crimes like this would be preferable to shooting crimes?

We must not let people cite “Gun Death” as if its relevant! We must not let people ignore this crime, just so people can push their agenda!

h/t Wallphone

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