“Gun Death” Voting

Yep, Voting Kills!

A pregnant Arizona woman was arrested after allegedly running over her husband with her SUV upon discovering he did not vote in last week’s election.

Police say 28-year-old Holly Solomon was enraged when she discovered her husband Daniel did not vote because she believes President Obama’s re-election will bring hardship to their family, MyFoxPhoenix.com reports.

Witnesses say Daniel Solomon attempted hiding behind a light post to escape his wife’s wrath and was running away when he was struck. He is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

Hey, but we can’t compare cars with guns! Cars simply can’t be used as weapons, because “Progressives” drive. Of course “Progressives” might make exception for this case because those are evil CONSERVATIVES, who don’t like Obama because he’s black. There’s no other reason to not like him…even when they state it clearly!

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Voting

  1. MAJMike says:

    Don’t blame the driver! Blame the motor vehicle!!

  2. Bleddyn says:

    If she’d just been in a low-capacity smart car he would have been okay! There’s no reason a normal citizen needs to have three rows of seating! It probably had factory installed assault bumpers too.

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