“Gunfights Over Parking Spaces”

The Antis predicted it as the forces of good push forward more pro-rights laws. Well they were right...kinda.

A dispute over a parking space in the southern German city of Augsburg turned deadly when an irate man who threatened his neighbor with an ax was shot dead by police.

The two men engaged in a furious argument Sunday evening over the parking space at the apartment block where they lived, the Augsburger-Allgemeine newspaper reported.

One of the men took shelter in his apartment and barricaded the door, and the other man attempted to smash his way through with an ax.

Oops, a country where guns are banned, and somebody attempts to hack somebody up with an axe. Of course in Germany they don’t NEED guns….

Police responded to the attack, and the 47-year-old attacker was shot dead, prosecutors said in a statement.

Yeah. Good for them.

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  1. Jack says:

    Oh guns aren’t banned in Germany, they even have a carry permit the Waffenschein

    “Carry permits are usually only issued to persons with a particular need for carrying a firearm. This includes some private security personnel and persons living under a raised threat-level like celebrities and politicians.”

    Ah the grand tradition of European egalitarianism .

    Well they have a small firearms carry permit (Kleiner Waffenschein) which anyone can get (if they prove themselves to be trustworthy and personally adequate), and with that you can carry flare guns or gas pistols. Wheeee!

    And this isn’t even getting into their liscencing system and the limits to how many arms you can have total and the rate of purchase and the “need” you have to justify.

    And again, “experts” and those with a “need” like celebrities and politicians are exempt.

  2. Daniel in Brookline says:

    But… but… don’t you see??? Two men argued violently over a parking space, and now one of them is dead! He was SHOT!!! With a GUN!!!!!!

    This proves the point! Ban guns NOW! We need a federal ban on guns, to blanket the U.S., so that Germans won’t get shot over parking spaces. See, it’s just common sense.

    (And while you’re at it, let’s pass a few gazillion laws to make sure axes aren’t so sharp and pointy and dangerous-looking. Axes made of foam rubber are okay.)

  3. Braden Lynch says:

    Daniel in Brookline is so right! All the dangerous items in the whole world need to be converted to NERF foam. Then we can all join hands around the world and sing as one voice for peace…gaw…I think I just vomited a little into my mouth.

    He’s right about the mentality of the gun control advocates. It’s always the gun that does the evil thing, never the SOB who wields it (or an axe, or a rope, or a knife, or a chain, and so on, ad nauseam). Their ultimate response is that we have to ban all of the guns and take them away, incrementally, or all at once, using force if necessary. That final fatal fact escapes them. The other fact that the government and criminals will have a monopoly on firearms does not bother them either. Are we dealing with the willfully ignorant, the mentally incompetent/insane, or just evil control freaks?

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