Hickock Bears All

A really good video!

Also note he doesn’t delve very far into the “If we could just save one life!” Rabbit hole.

We did ban alcohol for the common good. We got the bootleggers and the moonshiners. people still drank booze (tho sometimes a contaminated batch would kill dozens at a party or speakeasy), and we had shootings and bombings over the turf wars and criminals battling with police.

It didn’t save lives, it didn’t even reduce the consumption of booze…but it sure killed a LOT of people, and cost a lot of money for what were some of the darkest days in this nation.

Meanwhile people are buying guns like crazy, and restrictions on firearms ownership are being repealed, and concealed carry is the highest the nation has ever seen. And crime is DOWN!

So not only is the 2nd Amendment a good idea, but people owning guns is a good idea, and it DOES save lives.

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