The wife is a HARDCORE cook. Ask anybody who’s been to her dinner parties. We eat restaurant-quality every time she steps into the kitchen. She may argue that point, but she’ll be wrong.

She of course gets this good by being to cooking like I am to guns. She does it a lot, and she reads a LOT of cookbooks and magazines, and watches a lot of cooking shows.

Our favorite is Alton Brown, because we’re scientists and he speaks our language in the kitchen.

Alton is a bit of a gear-queer in the kitchen, and isn’t afraid to point out a good product he uses. One of those is All-clad pans.

On one of his shows he described the pans as, I quote: “The Smith and Wesson of Cookware”. That statement interested me. We have several of their pots and pans, and I’m also a bit of a fan of S&W firearms, and I’d say the comparison is VERY fair. But its an odd coming from a Camera Operator who went to cooking school in Vermont…but he grew up, and lives in Georgia. I suspected he was a gunnie.

Tango found him chatting about guns on his twitter feed.

Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and carries! Good for him! Also good for him about being open about it!


(Tho a PPK in .32 and a Kimber Ultra Carry 2? Not my first choices….tho anybody who carries a .32 PPK isn’t some chairborne Ranger, just like the guy who carries an old K-frame .38, beware of them, because their guns aren’t flashy and cool, which means they probably know how to shoot them, and shoot them well!)

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  1. Very cool. I met him on a tour of the White House a year or so ago. I hugged him, but didn’t feel a 1911:) Have a nice little pic too.

  2. Borepatch says:

    We love A.B. I even had the kids watching it with me, for a while.

  3. Spike says:

    Always loved Good Eats. Made me a smarter food consumer. Kinda makes me want to invite him shooting.

  4. McThag says:


    You just called your wife wrong in PUBLIC!

    Wow. I am not this brave.

  5. Yep, if she argues with you on THIS ONE POINT, she’s definitely wrong. As my belleh can attest! Mrs. Weer’d is an outstanding chef.

  6. Lance R. Peak says:

    If you go back a few months on AB’s Twitter feed you’ll see him at the range with a few different “evil black rifles” as well.

    He is definitely a shooter.

  7. RedeemedBoyd says:

    Apparently All-Clad is some sort of modern marvel of cookware. I have nearly 0 experience in the kitchen, and the few things I do try never come out right (except steak, but it’s not too tough to just warm that on a pan for a minute or two, then eat), so until recently this was a foreign concept to me. The All-Clad plant is very close to our home, and this past weekend they had their first of two yearly shows at the local fairgrounds. My wife dropped about $500 on various products…but what she got would have gone for about $1500 or so retail. Apparently she saved 70-90% on some of the items. I have to say, handling it is very heavy duty, the stuff certainly seems to be made of a very high quality.
    My wife, upon returning from the show, made multiple comparisons to how this show is a lot like the gun shows at the same fairgrounds. Except this included women who go crazy every 15 minutes when the MC announces a run of 30 of this pan for $50 over here, or something similar over there.

  8. Rob Crawford says:

    Oh, he’s not too bad on gear. He doesn’t push the idiot things that you use once a year, at least.

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