I’d Be Fine If It Does

Fewer Moderates in Congress:

When the next Congress cranks up in January, there will be more women, many new faces and 11 fewer tea party-backed House Republicans from the class of 2010 who sought a second term.

Overriding those changes, though, is a thinning of pragmatic, centrist veterans in both parties. Among those leaving are some of the Senate’s most pragmatic lawmakers, nearly half the House’s centrist Blue Dog Democrats and several moderate House Republicans.

That could leave the parties more polarized even as President Barack Obama and congressional leaders talk up the cooperation needed to tackle complex, vexing problems such as curbing deficits, revamping tax laws and culling savings from Medicare and other costly, popular programs.

Its really the nature of things. “Moderates” don’t follow politics, and they rarely vote, its the extremists on both sides that run the show. If that means Congress is gridlocked because they can’t agree, I’m 100% fine with that, but extremists don’t mean gridlock automatically. Hell Tedd Kennedy was both a well-known Marxist, but he was also the guy who would make deals watering down extreme Democrat bills so Republicans might side with it, so its all how they play ball.

Frankly if no new laws get passed I’m 100% fine with that, we’re really at a political point where members of congress should be called “Law-Repealers” rather than “Lawmakers”.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, here we go running off that cliff… and we’re screwed… NOT looking forward to the hit in the pocket book.

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