Like a Moth to Flame

I think this is both telling an ironic.

A candlelight vigil for the victim of a slaying at a Houston park was interrupted by a shooting that’s left another person dead.

Houston police say 35-year-old Dexter August was attending the memorial service Thursday evening when he and another person got into an argument. The other person pulled a gun, shot him in the chest and left.

There is a culture of violence in this country, and there’s a culture of non-violence. Violent people will be violent no matter what tools are available to them, just as the non-violent people will ONLY engage in violence as a last resort, even if they are armed to the teeth.

So you’ll have an open-carry gathering where dozens of armed people will gather, and sometimes they will be harassed by police or anti-gun paid-activists often hurling inflammatory and defamatory statements (such as implying that lawful gun owners are killers), and nobody will be hurt.

Meanwhile people gathered at a memorial to somebody who was likely killed from the culture of violence, who are part of that same culture will kill each other over what is likely a trivial argument, or a minor act of disrespect.

While its all guns in this story, the gun is irrelevant. A criminal with a pocket knife is vastly more dangerous than the attendant of a blogshoot with DOZENS of guns and NFA items.

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