Maryland Stand Your Ground Law

In the Trayvon Martin case people are complaining that Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” allows “Vigilantes” to shoot and kill unarmed people. Wirecutter has this video that shows what unarmed people can do.

Those who oppose conceal carry and Stand Your Ground, like the fiends that run the city of Baltimore are really in favor of “Get robbed and beaten to death” laws.

This is the inconvenient truth. The man in the video is ONLY alive because the crowd just wanted to injure him and steal his stuff and his dignity. Also given that he falls headlong onto the concrete he’s also only alive without lasting injury because of dumb luck.

Hey but if he had died it wouldn’t have been a “Gun Death” so there would be no need to report it anyway!

**UPDATE**From Divemedic a better video of the attack. He seems drunk off his ass which makes it even more lucky he wasn’t killed. He was so shattered he didn’t even see that punch to his beak before he was on the ground.

Still even sober that was a LOT of unarmed dudes. Life ain’t a kung-fu movie and if they wanted any one of us dead, unless we were properly armed they could have just that!

Be Careful out there!

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  1. Secret Squirrel says:

    Man, WJZ could not have used a shittier version of that video. Fifty lashes for the intern responsible.

    But yeah, that nice “thock!” noise his skull makes when it hits the pavement was only not deadly by dumb luck.

  2. MAJ Mike says:

    No candle for him.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Yep, he’s lucky he didn’t end up with a fractured skull after that hit…

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  5. Jake says:

    From the way he just laid there after his head hit, he definitely got a concussion out of that. It’s sheer dumb luck that he didn’t get a brain bleed from it and die a couple of days later – and if that happened anytime in the last week, it’s still a possibility.

    We had someone killed locally back in August in exactly the kind of situation seen in this video – one punch, his head hit the ground, and he was dead.

  6. falnfenix says:

    i only hope that once us plebes can finally get permits to carry, crap like this slows down. a couple of years ago we had a rash of group beatings just like this, and the police basically said “don’t go down to the Inner Harbor at night.” they knew they couldn’t stop the problem, and they knew people couldn’t stop it themselves.

  7. Greg Camp says:

    And the reaction of the natives? We can’t go about our business on the streets of Baltimore at night. The sheep are pleased to be in their pens when the sun goes down. Just how did we become a nation of wimps?


    Now this is a hate crime. Our judiciary system needs to uphold the law. Not letting this case go without punishment for as long as it takes. Find these attackers and show them this is not acceptable. Law enforcement needs to do whatever it takes to bring justice to this man. These heartless people need to be given a taste of their own medicine. Let our city council offer a reward in cases like this. Someone may be able to identify these hoodlums. This type of reward would be well deserved. If this is what is takes to start making our city street safe again to walk. Maybe it will start making people think wisely before acting out savagely. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO WALK THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE WHERE IS OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM….IS OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AFRAID TO DO WHATS RIGHT…..IF NOT DON’T LET THIS CASE GO WITHOUT TAKEN IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE MEASURES.

  9. Mark says:

    I’m sorry… I don’t believe I heard any mention of this being a hate crime. Doesn’t a group full of black people beating the crap out of a white guy on the street constitute a hate crime?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s because in “Progressive” society only White people hating minorities can be Bigots. Minorities hating white people, or other minorities is 100% justified. Just like white “Progressives” expressing their hate.

      “Progressives” as a rule are people who are consumed with hate, and are divisive by nature. Why would they limit themselves by applying the same pejorative labels they use on others to themselves?

      This is why George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”. They need to first declare himself as a Majority before they can call him a racist. Hell, if the initial police report hadn’t listed him as “White”, and his name wasn’t Jewish sounding, this would have just been fallen into the standard inner city scuffles they ignore. A “Jorge Zeta” shooting Travon Martin is a non-story.

      Just the same as a bunch of blacks beating up a white guy is a non-story.

      Meanwhile every time a bunch of peckerwoods do this EXACT thing to a black man, its national news!

      Racism in America today is just as bad as it was in the Jim Crow South…just sides are different and the goal posts are moved.

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