Monsters About

Most people are good. They’ll help total strangers, and forgive foolish actions without question. We can often lose sight of that when we see the acts of the true monsters among us.

There are monsters who will seek out the most helpless among us.

There are others who wish to blame this on those of us who are just as distraught and horrified by these actions for them.

And of course the monsters who will elevate the monsters to B-list celebrity status, and printing and reporting any piece of garbage somebody shouts at them and dressing it up as “breaking News”.

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One Response to Monsters About

  1. Braden Lynch says:

    We need to change the benefit/cost ratio for the evil POS mass-murderers.

    They crave attention and notoriety from their heinous actions.

    Instead of the news outlets reading their blogs, suicide notes or manifestos and asking their neighbors and co-workers about them, we need to blot out all pictures of them, all references to their name, and wipe all evidence of their pathetic existence.

    This might actually stop future incidents and deter copy-cats. The current situation promotes it.

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