More Background Check Delays in the News

In Colorado:

A spike in requests for background checks on firearms buyers in Colorado has overwhelmed the system that businesses use to track how long the checks will take.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s online wait-time clock for background checks tops out at 99 hours and 59 minutes. The Denver Post reports the wait is now more than 100 hours, leaving potential buyers to guess on exact wait times.

The checks once took minutes, but request for background checks spiked after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Do you think this issue will get better, or worse if the antis make private sales illegal? And think of what “Worse” could be, the whole system could go down for days, or be taken down by executive order.

And don’t forget the Clinton Crackdown on FFLs! This doesn’t count if a person has to drive for hours and hours just to get to an FFL where they can do the paperwork.

Also note the same people talking about banning private sales, as the same people who say requiring a photo ID to vote is “Voter Suppression”.

The “Assault Weapons” ban issue has gotten a LOT of press, but it is also well documented to be pure foolishness, private-sale bans are less documented, and I see as a bigger potential threat.

We need to be ready!


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One Response to More Background Check Delays in the News

  1. bluesun says:

    Contributing to this is probably that the morning before the CT thing, Hickenlooper said that he was thinking of considering some gun-control measures. Sad, because I was starting to think he wasn’t that bad, for a Democrat.

    And here I was, finally thinking about going to look for a 21a. Guess I could wait another month or so…

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