More Brady Blood Dancing

A weeping woman used to keep people from examining the facts. Hey, but the Brady Bunch is politicizing this, so Game on.

Let’s look at the shooting.

-Trolly Square Mall is a posted Gun-Free Zone, and I believe those signs have power of law (I wasn’t able to confirm this, can somebody help me?) **UPDATE** I stand corrected, the signs are non-binding. So simple trespass laws are all that police can enforce after a patron refuses to leave having being spotted ignoring the signs.

-There was discussion that an 18-year-old could NOT legally buy a shotgun without a stock affixed to it. I don’t know the end result, but there were charges filed. He also has a pistol on him which he could NOT legally own or carry.

-The shooter was a Muslim, and was shouting “Allah Hu Ackbar” while shooting. This is NOT considered a terrorist attack, nor is the mass-shooting at Ft. Hood.

-The attack was stopped by a citizen with a personal concealed handgun. They happened to be a Police officer who was off-duty who had immunity from the signs on the door, but the 911 response was too late.

Do you HONESTLY think more gun laws would have stopped this? Also I think we can all note the commonplace of mass-shooters and terrorists selecting places where guns are prohibited when they go out to kill unarmed people.

Blood on shoes, blood on hands.

They aren’t ashamed, but they should be!

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Meh… Too bad there wasn’t a counter press conference that told the REST of the story…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      There is a reason why they ALWAYS must control the message. I’m betting only a few vetted press offices knew about this before it happened. Also I bet her speech was read and edited by Brady staff.

      And of course on youtube there are no comments, or even ratings allowed.

      This is consistent across the board for all anti-rights activism, and there is a reason for it.

  2. Tango says:

    Negative. Signs do NOT have force of law here. The property manager can ask you to leave and if you refuse they can ATTEMPT to charge you with trespassing.

  3. Lokidude says:

    Tango has it. The signs carry no weight. I carry whenever I go there (not too frequently, its on the other side of the valley in a kinda hipster area, but it has an awesome meat restaurant.) Also, they’re trying to amend our trespass statute so that mere possession of a gun cannot be used as cause for trespass/removal.

    Utah: Get funny with our guns, and we’ll just change the law to poke you in the eye.

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