More From the Travyon Martin Shooting

The Police have released the 911 tapes.

Calls made to police show that a black teenager was terrified as he tried to get away from the white neighborhood watch volunteer who shot him, and that the volunteer was not defending himself as he has claimed, the teen’s family told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Sanford police released eight 911 calls late Friday. The neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, tells a dispatcher in the first call that he is following 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He says Martin is running, but the dispatcher tells him not to follow the teen.

This is looking more and more like a murder and not a self defense. I suspect Mr. Zimmerman will not get away with this. Also if Mr. Zimmerman gets sent to prison for Murder or Manslaughter, I suspect the anti-rights activists who are working so hard to portray Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws as “License to Murder”, will quickly forget this case. We’ll need to remember it as it shows that such laws only protect people defending their lives, and NOT people committing murder.

Still even as this looks more and more like a murder case, the unabashed and encouraged racism is amazing me. Have a look at this horrible hit-piece.

The neighborhood crime watch volunteer who got out of his car and shot him is white and Hispanic. He has not been arrested and is claiming self-defense.

I had assumed with the name “Zimmerman” he was of Jewish heritage, but we can see from his mugshot he is indeed a brown-skinned individual. Of course the media has been ignoring this, he’s always been refereed to as White. Odd how Mr. Zimmerman is “White”, but President Obama is “Black”, and groups like the Tea Party have been branded “Racist” because they disagree with how the President runs the country. See in America racism is 100% ok if its the CORRECT kind of racism.

Late Friday night, after weeks of pressure, the police played the 911 calls in the case for the family and gave copies to the news media. On the recordings, one shot, an apparent warning or miss, is heard, followed by a voice begging or pleading, and a cry. A second shot is then heard, and the pleading stops.

“It is so clear that this was a 17-year-old boy pleading for his life, and someone shot him in cold blood,” said Natalie Jackson, one of the Martin family lawyers.

Again if this is true this is a case of Murder, possibly one that might be plead down to Manslaughter. Again, I strongly suspect Mr. Zimmerman is going to spend some time in Jail and certainly deserves to, if this evidence is being honestly presented. Of course its also presenting a clear point that Florida’s laws are NOT protecting Mr. Zimmerman, simply acknowledging that self defense is NOT a crime, and he is free until the Police have enough evidence to arrest him on murder charges.

Mr. Zimmerman lives in the predominantly white gated community where the shooting took place. A criminal justice major in college, he often patrolled the streets in his car. In the last 14 months, Mr. Zimmerman had made 46 calls to the police, officials said, reporting everything from alarms and disturbances to reckless driving and, most commonly, a “suspicious” person.

Certainly this paints Mr. Zimmerman as a “Mall Ninja” type person. This doesn’t make him a murderer, but it isn’t a positive light. Also curious about calling this a “White Gated Community”, given that Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin’s family was in there. On these grounds we live in a “Predominantly white” country, you can’t claim “Racism” against minorities simply because they are in fact a minority.

Echoing a view held by many blacks in Sanford and elsewhere, the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said the police appeared to be protecting Mr. Zimmerman.

“Had Trayvon been the person who was the triggerman, they would have arrested him from Day 1 and they wouldn’t have given him bail and he would be sitting in jail,” Mr. Crump said. “Zimmerman is free and sleeping in his own bed at night.”

Well maybe Mr. Zimmerman NEEDS protection, right now he hasn’t been charged (which again doesn’t mean he WON’T be charged) and in fact he ISN’T in his bed, because he was forced to flee his home because of multiple death threats and stalkings.

BTW notice that the people calling for Mr. Zimmerman’s blood with no regard for justice or due process are almost exclusively black. This isn’t a racist lynch mob, that would be inconvenient.

Again I’m not defending Mr. Zimmerman, I just am currently disgusted by this racist pressure cooker being encouraged by the Media and the Anti-Rights activists. We should be better than this as a society, but it seems that its only OK to be better to than this if you are white, which is horribly shameful.

I would also like to express my condolences to the Martin family, but I would also like to warn them that things are getting VERY ugly in Florida, and I’d hate for them to have blood on their hands as well, by encouraging vigilante revenge….

**UPDATE** Sebastian has links to the 911 calls and some observations.

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  1. Miguel says:

    There is some stuff that is coming out and may change the game. The first thin is the height of Martin. It finally came out that he was 6’3″ at the time of his death even though the photos being published are of a much younger and smaller Martin. We have been told that he weighed only 140lbs, but according to several tables I checked, he should be between 40 to 60 lbs heavier. All of the sudden we have a 6’3″ 200lbs youth and not a poor skinny defenseless little boy.
    Martin had in his background a 10 day suspension from his school. The family refuses to say why was he suspended, but it does contradict the “honor roll/good student/never got in trouble” narrative.
    The witnesses are starting to be suspect. Most of them are condemning Zimmerman but none of them actually saw what happened. Some heard “Help Me!” which goes with Zimmerman’s tale and the rest heard a scream but are guessing that came from Martin. Evidence is not a guessing game.
    If Zimmerman is take to trial with stuff like this, a somewhat good defense lawyer is gonna create enough doubt to force the juries to deliver a verdict of Not Guilty and we will have another Casey Anthony in our hands.
    My gut tells me that Zimmerman screwed up by creating the event that led to the shooting but he did so without prior malice or intent of murder. I even doubt that the DA will ask for a First Degree Murder charge unless he is really stupid or his voting base is heavily black.
    But racial politics have been injected and the result is never too good.

    That is just my opinion.

    • Concerned says:

      Say all of your suppositions are true. Trayvon Martin was 6’3″ 200lb and did something nefarious to be suspended for 10 days. None of that negates the fact that Zimmerman, who was supposedly so concerned about this “suspicious looking individual” (translation-Black man) that he called the police and THEN proceeded to get out of his car and follow the individual. Say one of your young brothers or nephews were walking along and some guy is following them. Might they not run? Matter of fact, what’s to prevent someone from seeing Zimmerman skulking about at all hours and shoot him as suspicious since others probably see HIM as a minority?

      Racial implications cannot be avoided. It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman (c’mon Zimmerman?) is part Latino. It’s the presumption in today’s society that Black = threatening which causes these kind of problems over and over. When guns are part of the equation as with law enforcement officers and Stand Your Ground places, that “problem” turns into another dead Black man.

      I doubt that even the family is saying that Zimmerman woke up in the morning thinking I’m gonna kill me an “asshole” today. But an emboldened gun carrying civilian chasing after someone doesn’t scream self-defense to me. I think the outrage for most outside of the immediate family is not that he isn’t in jail but that the police seemed disinclined to even question his account of self-defense. That they seemed so willing to do that makes it look like it’s Trayvon Martin’s fault for walking down a street and he deserved what he got.

    • Josiah Chisale says:

      How sure are you that he did so without prior malice or intent of murder? Have you talked to him? A Police man here in SA is facing murder charges for shooting a boy who had threatened and robbed another boy at gun point. It is inmaterial whether this young black boy had a very dark side because the truth remains that he was unarmed and he was not following anybody to rob or attack.

  2. SGB says:

    I’m not buying in to any witness statements because it’s very early and people are notorious for getting things wrong.

    What I can say with some measure of certainty is that if Zimmerman had left this to LEO’s this would not have happened. Playing Mall Ninja at ANY time is a bad idea.

    If you look for trouble you will always find it.

  3. Hispanic isn’t a race, except it appears to be extremely notable when pushing a progressive agenda. Otherwise Sotomayor would be just another white chick on the supremes, right?

    The fact that many of the stories I’ve come across omit any mention of “of Hispanic decent” or even the fact that there was a scuffle before the shooting (ABC news had an animation of the shooting that totally skipped the scuffle), or the fact that when Zimmerman got out of his car, he probably did so because the road stopped, but the sidewalk didn’t.

    I would be extremely troubled to hear that the photo of the dead guy was far younger than he actually was in present day.

    I’m not defending any “mall cop” decisions he made however. Haven’t heard the tapes yet either, but I gotta wonder if they are so damning, why isn’t he in custody already?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      RACE doesn’t exist, really, its all a social construct. Sure people from different regions of the world tend to take on a similar look, but really the difference from somebody who’s ancestors were from Chad, and somebody who’s ancestors were from Angola have about as much in common as far as “Race” goes as somebody who’s of Swedish Descent. Yet we fixate on various made-up factors like country of origin or skin color.

      And that doesn’t even factor in the crazy mixing and matching that happens today. Half the people I cross paths with I wouldn’t put money down if somebody bet I couldn’t guess their race. I have an olive skinned friend who’s the spitting image of Che Guevara, who’s for the most part Scottish. I have a coworker who’s blond haired and blue eyed, and Puerto Rican.

      Its all bullshit, but these assholes think its relevant.

      • kfg says:

        “I had assumed with the name “Zimmerman” he was of Jewish heritage”

        There were Jews in the Spanish colonies, as far north as New Mexico, before Roanoke. They expected the Spanish Inquisition and “got the hell into Dodge” as best they could.

        “he is indeed a brown-skinned individual”

        As the Jews of southern Spain and the Levant often are. Transporting to the similar climate of the American south west wouldn’t change that in a hurry.

        Of course the name isn’t Jewish, it’s Yiddish. Ashkenazi. Jews can be extremely bigoted against other Jews (that’s why there was both a Judea and an Israel and the NT fails to mention that bad Samaritans were Jews and that in Jerusalem Galileans were considered as bad as Samaritans ), but such marriages do take place now and again.

        “Half the people I cross paths with I wouldn’t put money down if somebody bet I couldn’t guess their race.”

        Over the past couple thousand years I have ancestors from France, from Germany, from Belarus, from Poland, from Transylvania and from the Levant; and I bet that if I told most people any one of those they’d respond something like:

        “Ah, yes! I should have guessed. You look [fill in the blank].”

        It’s all rather funny really, except for how seriously some people take these things.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Yeah those heritage tracings are interesting. I work with a guy who grew up in Paraguay and his heritage is of the native Guaraní people (of course I’m sure he has a huge mix in his bloodline, given the colonial nature of South America) but his last name is one I generally associate with Eastern European Jews.

          Of course the stories of the old testament all take place in the middle east and northern Africa, where the people are dark skinned.

          Really my point is obsessing about such things is pure bullshit, but bullshit people are willing to harm, kill, and judge over….

          Its a shame, and we should know better!

  4. jgarcia says:

    All Zimmerman had to do is take a description of the guy and leave it to the cops, no need to get out of his vehicle. By stepping out of his vehicle he endangered himself and caused the chain of events to happen. The teen was running away certainly scared, no matter how big a boy he was, he was just 17. If this stands what stops the next vigilante from following someone “suspicious” and pulling the trigger. All human life is precious.

  5. Josiah Chisale says:

    People are angry because of blatant bias and racism shown by the people who are entrusted to protect them. Is the black kid in the Streets safe? Dont you think you think Mr Racist George Zimmerman is the one who is suppose to prove that he was indeed defending himself? I am in Africa but it always pains me when I hear these stories because whites always comes here and pretend that they are defenders of human rights which is very far from the truth. Mr. Bill Lee is no longer a police chief but rather Chief Racist. I hope they didnt manipulate the tapes to conceal more revealing evidence of this cold blooded murder.

  6. Josiah Chisale says:

    The police should have been gracious enough to tell us what Mr. George Zimmerman was defending himself from. Is it from the candies or what exactly. Here is a creepy man in a car and having a loaded gun following a young black innocent boy, deliberately confronts him and shoots him.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Being pinned on the ground and beaten is what he says he was defending himself against.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        He certainly has the injuries to back up that claim. The tough part is how he came to be from sitting inside his car to Mr. Martin on top of him and whaling away. A 6’4″ 200lb unarmed 17-year old can easily beat another man to death, and we’ve documented several similar cases in the “Gun Death?” Files, but that would be VERY difficult if the defending party was locked in a car.

        That’s where the story starts looking very iffy.

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  9. Lonzo says:

    Mr. Zimmerman clearly skipped large portion of his concealed carry class. A permit to carry concealed in no shape or formed gives the licensee free reign to run around acting like a vigilante. I am a black male living in the Orlando area, and just like George Zimmerman I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The literature that comes in the mail along with your permit clearly states that force should be met with equal force. A scenario is given where a neighbor is being attacked with a garden hose and subsequently shoots the attacker. This is not deemed to be a justifiable homicide and the shooter was imprisoned. The problem here is the Sanford police department. It is up to the police department to interpret the situation and make arrest on their conclusions.

    If George Zimmerman wanted to enforce the laws of the state of Florida he should have gone to the police academy and joined his local Police department. He murdered a young man for nothing more than walking in his neighborhood. The confrontation was caused by Mr. Zimmerman who was told not to leave his vehicle by police dispatchers , therefore he is responsible for whatever occurred afterward.

    It is a shame that race has been brought into this situation, but it is a part of the big picture. This young man was 70 feet from his destination when this occurred. Another minute or two and George would have seen travyon walking into his fathers residence. By carrying his weapon Mr. Zimmerman had a great responsibility to exercise great restraint and judgement. He did neither. He endangered the very people he was proclaiming to protect. This clearly was not a last resort stand your ground case, because he should never have been there n the first place.

  10. DC says:

    “Hispanic” is NOT a “race”! The term “Hispanic” means Spanish-speaking. and the name Zimmerman indicates “Jewish” heritage (Caucasoid genotype). The bottom line is that a “white” guy stalked shot a “black” youth.

  11. angie says:

    actually he is not a caucasoid type. The comment above pretty much summed up what id thought when i read the comment above his. I would like to add though, that him being guilty just because you think he is of caucasoid type is racist in itself. Dont give me bs that only whites can be racist by changing the definition of racism; Mobs of people have more than enough power to discriminate. That being said, hispanic is a culture based on many races. The fact that he is being called white in this case is evidence enough that the media is trying to push racial tensions. Ask any proud hispanic whether someone of half white and hispanic heritage is just plain old white, theyd tell you that they were hispanic of course. Now, when its convenient, someone whos half hispanic and of white culture is considered just plain old white? I dont think so. The term hispanic was coined to create another group of people who a certain political party wanted the votes of. They have no set race, only language and culture. What so called race they are seen as by the media is determined by the circumstance, and whether or not theyre vote willing.

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