More Manufactured Problems

Interesting View from an anti-rights shill

Yes, I know that there is a contingent of folks who believe that any restriction of gun ownership is an attack on their liberty and constitutional rights, but guns on college campuses? When I was in college I could barely be trusted with choosing my major, let alone carry a firearm. So, despite the shocking amount of legislation that aims to ease gun restrictions on college campuses or forbid colleges from banning concealed weapons, I will simply choose to believe that most folks, even strong gun advocates, would not support policies that would allow students to carry guns on campus.

First up, false pretense. First up just because he’s an idiot doesn’t mean we all are (but “Progressives” always think they’re the upper echelon), but why are the guns different? I mean couldn’t he have stabbed somebody in his foolish youthful rage? Raped somebody? Swam to the bottom of the school pool and take a big deep breath? Of course, guns are different, because they are different. If we were to extend their “Logic” to real logic, College students can’t be trusted to leave their parents house, let alone live virtually unsupervised in dorms or off-campus housing!

Also note that just because you may have hit college just after high school, doesn’t mean everybody does. My Father-in-Law’s wife is graduating this December! It was a long-time wish of her’s, and we’re very happy for her. Also remember all those wars going on? This means colleges are flooded with 21+ Year old vets going to school on the GI bill. These are people who are trained and accustomed to carrying weapons.

Oh but the big elephant in the room. He puts up this image:

There are a bunch of states where campus carry is indeed permissible…have there been a rash of shootings there? How about the schools that don’t allow carry? Oh yeah, those are the places where the shootings have happened!

If he were a thinking man, he’d probably want his daughter going to one of those “Scary” Schools that don’t worry about lawful carry…he isn’t.

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16 Responses to More Manufactured Problems

  1. JD says:

    And based on his thinking these kids should not be allowed to vote either, they are not responsible enough . . .. and if we did that their god Obama may never have gotten into office. . . . so there may be an upside = )

    Please don’t bother him with Facts. . .

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Yeah, well, I’m sure there’s a few Iraq/Afghanistan Vets walking around Campuses on the G.I. Bill that told them to stuff it. Unnamed Sources have told me that it’s amazing what one can carry in a School Bag.

    Just sayin’…..

  3. G.A. Heath says:

    Maps not accurate either. At least as far as Texas goes, a CHL can carry on campus but may not enter buildings while armed. They can carry inside the buildings if they are given written permission from someone with the authority to give it or if written school policy allows it. See TPC 46.03(a)(1).

    • Greg Camp says:

      In Arkansas, carry into the buildings is specifically forbidden by the law. Yup, that map is suspect.

    • Jake says:

      And Virginia is also wrong. There is no statewide law banning guns from college campuses. Most colleges in VA do, but the only way they can give it the force of law is by making it a state regulation, and I believe even that can only apply to inside buildings, not to the campus in general.

      Most settle for prohibiting carry by students and employees through conduct policies – they can fire/expel you, but there is no criminal penalty unless they try to push a trespassing charge (which is a stretch).

      But, like JD said, “Please don’t bother him with Facts. . .”

  4. BobG says:

    Utah doesn’t keep all schools from banning guns; private schools and colleges can still ban them.

  5. McThag says:

    When I lived in Iowa if you lived where there was a campus the sheriff wouldn’t sign off on your carry permit anyways.

    When your only option is breaking the law…

    And yes, that book bag hides all kinds of stuff.

    As far as trust issues go. When I was 18 I was trusted with four handguns, an automatic rifle, two machineguns, a heavy machinegun, a cannon and enough ammo that I needed a 70 ton RV that would not be stopped by anything the cops could readily bring to the table. Yet somehow that rampage of mass murder never started…

    Almost as if the person matters more than the items…

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Even outside the military, look at the stuff they trust college students with. Chemistry majors have access to, well, chemicals. I remember an electrical engineering lab where the prof stayed near the main power switch for the lab because if one of us screwed up, he only had a few seconds to kill the power before a motor shattered and sprayed the room with shrapnel.

      Then there was the incident involving a senior project and the local public TV station going off the air…

  6. Divemedic says:

    I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS at the age of 42. At 44, I became a graduate student. I wasn’t the oldest in the class. There were 3 students older than I was. Then there are the professors, who are also disarmed by law.

    I have 4 college degrees, I am a college student, and I am 45 years old. I am a war veteran, I have raised 2 children, and I spent a career as a firefighter/paramedic. According to these idiots, I am an immature, irresponsible, uneducated person who cannot be trusted to resist the urge to get drunk and gun down my classmates.

  7. Bob S. says:

    When I started college, I had been trusted with the lives of 75 trained pilots and weapon system operators of the fighter squadron.
    I had been responsible, as in my name on the line, for 5.5 MILLION dollars worth of equipment.
    I had lead detachments and supervised other enlisted personnel. I had trained those 75 officers in many areas- land & water survival, ejection procedures, chemical warfare procedures.
    I had been trained to carry an M-16 and a .38 caliber revolver.

    So Mr. Snot nose college punk, I don’t care how irresponsible you are/were it doesn’t mean that our rights should be curtailed.

  8. Joat says:

    In Minnesota public owned colleges can’t ban carry but they can kick out students and fire employees for it. And no colleges can ban guns in the parking lots.

  9. Greg Camp says:

    As always, this fellow acts as though it’ll be drunk freshmen who are carrying. The trouble is that they can’t get licenses until they turn twenty-one. The only facts that matter are the ones that support the control freaks’ position. What irritates and worries me is that people like the author want to disarm the good guys and put their faith in a sign on the door. Yup, that’ll do the job. Anyone who believes that is hereby welcome to discuss some land east of Daytona, FL that I’d like to sell.

  10. Scott says:

    Virginia is a weird state. You can be in and out of the gun store in 20 minutes with whatever you want, but you cannot carry it on a campus unless you are a cop. When I bought my Taurus Judge I had rounds and the gun in 15 minutes flat. But if I carry it onto the campus I work on, I am fired in 5 minutes flat. Th VCDL is trying hard to get the law changed, but its an uphill battle. We are still realing from VATECH.

    I have colleagues that carry concealed and have not told anyone. I salute them, and wish I had the balls, but don’t want to get fired if anyone finds out.

    College campuses are scary. We allow anyone with a problem to come on campus and we all know those are the people that are not going to follow the rules. We always worry about the lawful causing problems, but shit, we all know the lawful are not the ones to worry about. Do I think the freshmen in my intro class should be carrying? They have a hard enough time remembering to come to class, Probably not, but they can go to Afghanistan and get shot at so why not? I want to carry because I am the registrar, I tell people bad news all the time…..god knows when you tell someone they cannot graduate or get a transcript or whatever they are going to get irate. Its only a matter of time before someone goes on full monkey tilt…..


    • Jake says:

      You can be in and out of the gun store in 20 minutes with whatever you want, but you cannot carry it on a campus unless you are a cop.

      Why not? There’s no law against it. And unless that specific college has gotten a state regulation on the subject approved, there’s not even any force of law behind their bans.

      You (or any of your coworkers) might lose your job, and any students can be expelled, but that and a trespass notice are pretty much the worst that can happen (barring a university-specific state regulation that includes a penalty; the CHP statute is a bit vague on this).

    • Jake says:

      Whoops! Mandatory disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER! Nothing I have said here is legal advice, and it should not be taken as such. If you take legal advice from some fool posting comments on the internet, you’ll probably get what you deserve. If you need legal advice, talk to a lawyer.

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