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Ok, So Dr. Pepper. Is he an MD, PhD, one of the Dentist Doctorates, or is it one of those Bogus “Honorary Doctorates” often given to celebrities that likely dropped out of the university giving the Doctorate?


There’s a bunch of clap-trap here
, but I ain’t buyin’ ANY of it!

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  1. Old Jarhead says:

    The original Dr. Pepper plant which is located in Dublin, TX, has just recently lost a lawsuit with Dr Pepper Snapple group. They will no longer be able to produce the original recipe of Dr Pepper, and will instead be just a bottling plant. I am not sure the exact way this plant was excluded from any sales transfers/corporate mergers when the rest of the company was formed/sold over the years, but the plant has always been absolutely independent, and has been operating since the late 1800’s. This has been a devastating setback for thousands of Dr Pepper drinkers in TX.

    Stephenville, TX is about 15 miles east of Dublin, and the story is the original Dr Pepper was a pharmacist at a local drug store. A young man was desperately wanting to date the good Drs. daughter, and was a soda jerk at this drug store. He experimented with different soda flavors and supposedly created the Dr Pepper formula, and named it after the doctor in hopes of impressing him. The story never tells us if he was able to court the young lady, but it is an interesting legend.

    Stephenville is about 80 miles west of Ft. Worth, south of I20 by about 45 miles. The original recipe called for Imperial cane sugar, and there is a definite difference in flavor. Every time my wife and I would travel in the region, she would stock up, buying Dr Pepper at local markets. We did have a tour of the plant once very many years ago, and this is where the story is related. I personally can’t validate the accuracy of any of this, but it is fun.

  2. wfgodbold says:

    Maybe Doctor is his first name, like Major is Major Garrett’s.

  3. Jake says:

    Huh. From the Wikipedia article:

    Another possibility is Dr Pepper of Christiansburg, Virginia. U.S. Census records show a young Morrison working as a pharmacy clerk in Christiansburg. One of the following pages of this census supposedly shows a Dr Pepper and daughter Malinda or Malissa, age 16.

    Small world, isn’t it.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    So how big is the Bet you made? ; )

  5. North says:

    He has his degree in mixology!


  6. Dwight Brown says:

    All I know, Weer’d, is: if he puts on a latex glove and asks you to bend over, RUN!

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